Evidence-based Measures of Empowerment for Research on Gender Equality

Measure: Interpersonal Quality of Family Planning (IQFP) Scale

The Interpersonal Quality of Family Planning (IQFP) scale is an 11-item and 1 factor measure capturing women’s report of the interpersonal quality of contraceptive counseling between women and their providers.

High Psychometric Score


  1. Respecting me as a person
  2. Showing care and compassion
  3. Letting me say what mattered to me about my birth control method
  4. Giving me an opportunity to ask questions
  5. Taking my preferences about my birth control seriously
  6. Considering my personal situation when advising me about birth control
  7. Working out a plan for my birth control with me
  8. Giving me enough information to make the best decision about my birth control method
  9. Telling me how to take or use my birth control method most effectively
  10. Telling me the risks and benefits of the birth control method I chose
  11. Answering all my questions

Response Options:
5-point Likert-type scale
1 = poor
2 = fair
3 = good
4 = very good
5 = excellent




Adolescent (10-19)
Adult (>=18)
United States

Scoring Procedures:

Scoring Procedure:
Individual scores from all items are summed to create a scale total that ranges from 11 to 55.

Primary Citation: Dehlendorf, C., Henderson, J. T., Vittinghoff, E., Steinauer, J., & Hessler, D. (2018). Development of a patient-reported measure of the interpersonal quality of family planning care. Contraception, 97(1), 34-40. doi:10.1016/j.contraception.2017.09.005.