Evidence-based Measures of Empowerment for Research on Gender Equality


Please use the drop down to view measures by score. The first score value represents a measure’s psychometric score, the second score value represents a measure’s citation frequency score. For example, selecting “High/Low” provides a list of measures with a “High” psychometric score and “Low” citation frequency score. Information on scoring methodology can be found here.

Measure: Community-Level Restrictive Gender Norms
Measure: Restrictive Gender Attitudes
Measure: Negotiated Spaces for Women’s Health
Measure: Composite Abuse Scale Revised-Short Form
Measure: Sexual Experiences Survey – Short Form Perpetration
Measure: Sexual Experiences Survey – Short Form Victimization
Measure: Partner Cyber Abuse Questionnaire
Measure: Gender-Based Household Maltreatment Scale
Measure: Adolescent Empowerment Measure-Behavioral Control and Decision Making
Measure: Adolescent Empowerment Measure-Freedom of Movement
Measure: Adolescent Empowerment Measure-Voice
Measure: Cyber Aggression
Measure: Indian Person-Centered Family Planning Scale
Measure: Kenyan Person-Centered Family Planning Scale
Measure: The Perceptions of Fair Interpersonal Treatment Scale
Measure: The Satisfaction with Life Scale
Measure: The Internal versus External Control of Reinforcement Scale
Measure: Men’s Collective Efficacy
Measure: Subjective Happiness Scale
Measure: Modified Medical Outcomes Study Social Support Survey
Measure: Index of Patriarchy
Measure: Brief Resilience Scale (BRS)
Measure: Justifiable Actions
Measure: Belief About Free Choice and Control
Measure: General Attitudes and Goals
Measure: Culture Conducive to Women’s Academic Success
Measure: Collective Efficacy Among Children: Willingness to Intervene Subscale
Measure: Collective Efficacy Among Children: Afterschool Connectedness Subscale
Measure: Collective Efficacy
Measure: Labor Force Gender Index
Measure: Partner Violence Norms Scale
Measure: Illinois Rape Myth Acceptance Scale – Short Form (IRMA-SF)
Measure: Illinois Rape Myth Acceptance Scale (IRMA)
Measure: Perceived Neighborhood Social Cohesion Questionnaire-Brief Form
Measure: Cyber Dating Abuse Questionnaire
Measure: Cross-Cultural Political Participation
Measure: Women’s Mobile Phone Usage
Measure: Barriers to Women’s Mobile Phone Access
Measure: Women’s Mobile Phone Handset Ownership
Measure: Women’s SIM Card Ownership and Credit Refill
Measure: Women’s Access to Mobile Phones
Measure: Perception of Digital Abuse as a Problem
Measure: Dating and Digital Abuse
Measure: Experience of Digital Sexual Abuse
Measure: Response to Digital Abuse
Measure: Incidence of Negative Experiences Online
Measure: Perceptions of Life on the Internet
Measure: Teen Dating Violence Measure
Measure: Community Capacity Instrument
Measure: Individual Community-Related Empowerment (ICRE) Scale
Measure: Neighbourhood Quality Index
Measure: Controlling Partners Inventory
Measure: Women’s Empowerment in East Africa
Measure: Women’s Agency in Egypt
Measure: Coercive Control
Measure: Right to Employment
Measure: Attitude Toward Student Debt
Measure: Adolescent Femininity Ideology Scale
Measure: Household Vulnerability and Women’s Empowerment
Measure: Women’s Social and Economic Empowerment
Measure: The Man Box
Measure: Kenyan Person-Centered Maternity Care (PCMC)
Measure: Empowerment Indicators in Bangladesh
Measure: Multicultural Masculinity Ideology Scale
Measure: Mother’s Autonomy in Decision Making (MADM) Scale
Measure: Satisfaction with Maternal and Newborn Healthcare Following Childbirth
Measure: Mothers on Respect (MOR) Index – Short Version
Measure: Mothers on Respect (MOR) Index
Measure: Survey-based Women’s emPowERment (SWPER) Index
Measure: Healthy Pregnancy Stress Scale (HPSS)
Measure: Sanitation Insecurity
Measure: Knowledge of Abortion Legislation
Measure: Tangible, Informational, and Emotional Social Support Survey
Measure: The Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index
Measure: Political Leadership
Measure: Political Action
Measure: MOS Social Support Survey
Measure: The Individual Deprivation Measure
Measure: The Revised Conflict Tactics Scales (CTS2)
Measure: Female Mobility Scale
Measure: Interspousal Communication Scale
Measure: Women’s Participation in Household Decision Making Scale
Measure: Community Support in Times of Crises: If Beaten By Husband
Measure: Community Support in Times of Crises: When Pregnant and Bleeding
Measure: Sexual Assertiveness Scale
Measure: Sex Trafficking Attitudes Scale
Measure: Self Efficacy to Ask Husband to Help with Household Duties Scale
Measure: Self Efficacy to Go to Health Facility Scale
Measure: Self Efficacy to Refuse Sex Scale
Measure: Self Efficacy to Discuss and Use Family Planning Scale
Measure: Reproductive Coercion Scale – Short Version
Measure: Reproductive Coercion Scale
Measure: Reproductive Autonomy Scale
Measure: Masculine Gender Role Stress Scale
Measure: Adult Coercive Sexual Environments Scale
Measure: Rights and Privileges of Males Scale
Measure: Equity for Girls Scale
Measure: Gender Equity Scale
Measure: Gender Equitable Men (GEM) Scale – Uganda
Measure: Gender Equitable Men (GEM) Scale – Brazil
Measure: Equitable Attitudes within Relationships Scale
Measure: Drinking Expectancy Sexual Vulnerabilities Questionnaire (DESV-Q)
Measure: Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale
Measure: Condom Use Self-Efficacy Measure
Measure: Community Mobilization Measure (CMM)
Measure: Condom Use Self-Efficacy Scale (CUSES)
Measure: Attitude Towards Contraception Use in Marriage
Measure: Attitude Towards Marital Choice
Measure: Attitude Toward Girl Child Marriage
Measure: Relative Autonomy Index
Measure: Women’s Empowerment in Rural Bangladesh Measure
Measure: Male Role Norms Inventory – Revised
Measure: Gender Based Household Maltreatment
Measure: Perinatal In-Law Violence (ILV) Measure
Measure: Perinatal Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Measure
Measure: Sexual Relationship Power Scale
Measure: Scale of Economic Abuse
Measure: Generalized Self-Efficacy Scale
Measure: Gender Relations Scale
Measure: Indian Family Violence and Control Scale (IFVCS)
Measure: Household Decision Making Power Index
Measure: Balance of Power
Measure: Youth Coercive Sexual Environments Scale