Evidence-based Measures of Empowerment for Research on Gender Equality



The psychological dimension includes measures that deal with individual perceptions or beliefs about oneself or others. This can include measures that deal with individual or group agency, self-esteem, or resilience.

 High Psychometric Score Short Measure Multi-Country


+ View Access to Essential Goods and Amenities, Mobility, and Psychological Fortitude Measure

+ View Attitudes and Perceptions Toward Pregnancy Measure

+ View Barriers to Women’s Mobile Phone Access

+ View Belief About Free Choice and Control

+ View Brief Resilience Scale

+ View Community Capacity Instrument 

+ View Community Mobilization Measure (CMM)

+ View Condom Use Self-Efficacy Measure

+ View Condom Use Self-Efficacy Scale (CUSES)

+ View Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale Measure

+ View Dating and Digital Abuse

+ View Empowerment Scale in Community Organizing

+ View Experience of Digital Sexual Abuse

+ View General Attitudes and Goals

+ View Generalized Self-Efficacy Scale

+ View IHDS-2: Marital History: Choice of Spouse

+ View Illinois Rape Myth Acceptance Scale (IRMA)

+ View Illinois Rape Myth Acceptance Scale – Short Form (IRMA-SF)

+ View Incidence of Negative Experience Online

+ View Indian Family Violence and Control Scale (IFVCS)

+ View Indian Person-Centered Family Planning Scale

+ View Individual Community-Related Empowerment (ICRE) Scale

+ View Internal versus External Control of Reinforcement Measure 

+ View Japanese Learning, Self-Education and Training Measure 

+ View Japanese Sports, Hobbies and Amusements Measure

+ View Kenyan Person-Centered Family Planning Scale

+ View Latent Women’s Empowerment

+ View Neighbourhood Quality Index

+ View Perceived Stress Scale 

+ View Perception of Digital Abuse as a Problem

+ View Perceptions of Life on the Internet

+ View Relative Autonomy Index

+ View Response to Digital Abuse 

+ View Self Efficacy to Ask Husband to Help with Household Duties Scale Measure

+ View Self-Efficacy to Discuss and Use Family Planning

+ View Self Efficacy to Go to Health Facility Scale Measure

+ View Self Efficacy to Refuse Sex

+ View Teasing/Bullying Adolescents Preferring to Play with the Opposite Sex 

+ View Teen Dating Violence Measure 

+ View Trust, Control, Agency, and Respect 

+ View The Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index

+ View The Women’s Empowerment in Livestock Index

+ View Women’s Access to Mobile Phones 

+Women’s Empowerment in Rural Bangladesh Measure

+ View Women’s Entrepreneurship Measure 

+ View Women’s Mobile Phone Handset Ownership

+ View Women’s Mobile Phone Usage

+ View Women’s SIM Card Ownership and Credit Refill

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