Reproductive Coercion Scale

The Reproductive Coercion Scale is a 9-item self-reported measure of individual experiences of reproductive coercion, separated into two domains: Pregnancy Coercion and Condom Manipulation. The reproduction coercion scale captures both psychological and physical coercion.


Geographies Tested: United States of America

Populations Included: Female

Age Range: Adolescents, Adults


In the past 3 months, has someone you were dating or going out with:

Pregnancy Coercion

1. Told you not to use any birth control (like the pill, shot, ring, etc.)
2. Said he would leave you if you didn’t get pregnant
3. Told you he would have a baby with someone else if you didn’t get pregnant
4. Taken your birth control (like pills) away from you or kept you from going to the clinic to get birth control
5. Made you have sex without a condom so you would get pregnant
6. Hurt you physically because you did not agree to get pregnant

Condom Manipulation

7. Taken off the condom while you were having sex, so you would get pregnant
8. Put holes in the condom so you would get pregnant
9. Broken the condom on purpose while you were having sex so you would get pregnant

Response Options
Yes - 1
No - 2

Scoring Procedures

Not Available

Original Citation

McCauley, H. L., Silverman, J. G., Jones, K. A., Tancredi, D. J., Decker, M. R., McCormick, M. C., Austin, S. B., Heather, A., & Miller, E. (2017). Psychometric properties and refinement of the reproductive coercion scale. Contraception, 95(3), 292-298.

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