Condom Use Self-Efficacy Measure

The Condom Use Self-Efficacy Measure is a 15-item measure of one's personal ability to use condoms. Different aspects of condom self-efficacy captured by the scale include the respondent's confidence in communicating about condom use or STI history with sexual partners, purchasing and keeping condoms, and sexual satisfaction using condoms.


Geographies Tested: United States of America

Populations Included: Female

Age Range: Adolescents, Adults



1. Yo puedo hablar sobre condones con mi pareja
2. Yo puedo decirle a mi pareja que use un condón
3. Yo puedo mantener condones cerca de mi nuestra cama
4. Yo puedo decirle a mi pareja que no tendremos relaciones sexuales sin condón
5. Yo puedo ponerle un condón a mi pareja sin que se rompa o se salga
6. Si mi pareja no quiere usar condones, yo puedo negarme a tener relaciones sexuales
7. Yo puedo usar condones sin arruinar el momento romántico
8. Yo puedo guardar condones en mi carterabolsa
9. Yo puedo comprar condones sin sentirme avergonzada
10. Yo puedo tener relaciones sexuales usando un condón y estar sexualmente satisfecha
11. Yo puedo preguntarle a mi pareja su historia de infecciones sexualmente transmitidas
12. Yo puedo parar el contacto sexual (coito), si no he hablado con mi pareja sobre protección
13. Yo puedo satisfacer a mi pareja si usamos un condón
14. Yo puedo preguntarle a mi pareja sobre su historial sexual
15. Yo puedo discutir confortablemente el uso de condones con mis amigos


1. I could talk about condoms with my partner
2. I could tell my partner to use a condom
3. I could keep condoms near myour bed
4. I could tell my partner that I would not have sex without a condom
5. I could put on a condom on my partner so it wouldn't break or come off
6. If my partner didn't want to use a condom, I could refuse to have sex
7. I could use condoms without ruining the romantic mood
8. I could keep condoms in my pursebag
9. I could purchase condoms without feeling embarrassed
10. I could have sex with a condom and be sexually satisfied
11. I could ask my partner about their STI history
12. I could stop intercourse, if I haven't discussed the subject of protection
13. I could satisfy my partner if we used a condom
14. I could ask my partner about his sexual history
15. I could comfortably talk about using condoms with my friends

Note: Items in bold are used in the short version of the Condom Self-Efficacy Scale which can also be found on the EMERGE website under the Condom Self-Efficacy Scale-Short Form.

Responses Options:
10-point scale
Strongly disagree - 1
Strongly agree - 10

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Original Citation

McCabe, B. E., Schaefer Solle, N., Gattamorta, K., Villegas, N., Cianelli, R., Mitrani, V. B., & Peragallo, N. (2016). Development and psychometric evaluation of a condom use self-efficacy measure in Spanish and English. HIV clinical trials, 17(5), 212–217.

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