India Human Development Survey- II Income and Social Capital Questionnaire: Workforce Participation

This measure uses 11 self-reported items from the second round of the Indian Human Development Survey (IHDS) Income and Social Capital Questionnaire. IHDS is a nationally representative, multi-dimensional survey conducted across India. Respondents are asked about the recent working status of household members along with the nature of the work and wages received. This measure also includes items that capture decision-making related to any businesses operated within the household. Navigational aspects (i.e. skip-out patterns and next question sequences) have not been included on this page but can be viewed on the original questionnaire located at


Geographies Tested: India

Populations Included: Female, Male

Age Range: Adolescents, Adults


1. For how many days did [NAME] do this work last year?

Response Options:

2. How many hours did [NAME] work in a usual day?

Response Options:

3. Frequency of payment

Response Options:
Per Day - 1
Per Month - 2
Fixed - 3

4. What was the rate at which [NAME] was paid in cash or in kind?

Response Options:

5. Did [NAME] receive meals or housing from the employer?

Response Options:
No - 0
Yes meal - 1
Yes house - 2
Yes both - 3

6. Did [NAME] receive any bonus? If Yes, what was the total value over the last year?

Response Options:
No - 0

7. Is [NAME] a Casual or a Permanent worker?

Response Options:
Casual daily - 1
Casual piece work - 2
Contract < 1 year - 3
Regular Permanent Longer Contract - 4

8. Nature of job or work?

Response Options:
Govt. PSU - 1
Private firm - 2
Private employer - 3
Other govt. programs - 5
Others - 6

9. Time to get to workplace?

Response Options:

10. Who is the primary decision maker for the business [first non-farm business]?

Response Options:

11. Who is the primary decision maker for the business [second non-farm business]?

Response Options:

Scoring Procedures

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Original Citation

Desai, S., & Vanneman, R. (2015). India Human Development Survey-II (IHDS-II). Ann Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research. https://doi. org/10.3886/ICPSR36151. v6.

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