India Human Development Survey- II Income and Social Capital Questionnaire: Decision Making about Children's Education

This measure uses 4 self-reported items from the second round of the Indian Human Development Survey(IHDS) Income and Social Capital Questionnaire. IHDS is a nationally representative, multi-dimensional survey conducted across India. This measure captures aspects of decision making about the education of children in the household. Navigational aspects (i.e. skip-out patterns and next question sequences) have not been included on this page but can be viewed on the original questionnaire located at


Geographies Tested: India

Populations Included: Female, Male

Age Range: Adolescents, Adults


1. Who made the decision that [Name] should drop-out or not go to school?

Response options:
Self [Name] - 1
Parents Other elders - 2
Both parents & Self [Name] - 3
Teachers School - 4
Spouse In-laws - 5
Others - 6

2. Did [NAME] want to drop-outstay-out of school?

Response options:
No - 0
Yes - 1

3. Please tell me who in your family decides the following things regarding [NAME]'s activities. [IF NAME IS IN HOUSEHOLD]

  • How much to study
  • Whether to work or not
  • Type of work or career

Response options:

[No - 0, Yes - 1] ________[Self]
[No - 0, Yes - 1] ________[Father In-law]
[No - 0, Yes - 1] ________[Mother In-law]
[No - 0, Yes - 1] ________[Other elders]
[No - 0, Yes - 1] ________ [Siblings]
[No - 0, Yes - 1] ________[Spouse]
[No - 0, Yes - 1] ________ [Not applicable No one]

4. Who has the most say in the decision?

Response options:
Self - 1
Father In-law - 2
Mother In-law - 3
Other elders - 4
Siblings - 5
Spouse - 6

Scoring Procedures

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Original Citation

Desai, S., & Vanneman, R. (2015). India Human Development Survey-II (IHDS-II). Ann Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research. https://doi. org/10.3886/ICPSR36151. v6.

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