Satisfaction with Maternal and Newborn Health Care Following Childbirth

The Satisfaction with Maternal and Newborn Health Care Following Childbirth scale is an 11-item measure of individual mothers’ experiences of receiving care for herself and her newborn after childbirth. Different aspects of satisfaction with maternal and newborn healthcare captured by the scale include time allowed with provider, provider empathy, and provider competency in women’s health.


Geographies Tested: United States of America

Populations Included: Female

Age Range: Adolescents, Adults


We would like to know how satisfied you are with ALL of the healthcare provided to both YOU AND YOUR BABY SINCE YOU DELIVERED YOUR BABY. This includes ALL services you have received from physicians, nurses, psychologists, social workers, and lactation specialist nurses. During maternity and nursery stay, how satisfied were you with…?

  1. The amount of time you have had to talk with healthcare professionals
  2. Healthcare professionals’ ability to answer questions in a sensitive and caring way
  3. Healthcare professionals’ ability to explain things clearly
  4. Healthcare professionals’ ability to help you feel comfortable talking about your concerns
  5. The amount of time you have had to ask all of your questions to healthcare professionals
  6. Healthcare professionals’ ability to take what you say seriously
  7. Healthcare professionals’ willingness to explain different options of care for you andor your baby
  8. Healthcare professionals’ knowledge of women’s health issues
  9. Healthcare professionals’ directions on maternal self care
  10. Healthcare professionals’ knowledge of newborn health issues
  11. Amount of newborn care information that you received from healthcare professionals

Response Options:
(5-point Likert scale)
Not at all satisfied - 1
Somewhat satisfied - 2
Satisfied - 3
Very satisfied - 4
Extremely satisfied - 5

Scoring Procedures

The final scale score is calculated by summing the scores for each item. Final scale values range from 11 (low satisfaction with healthcare) to 55 (high satisfaction with healthcare).

Original Citation

Camacho, F. T., Weisman, C. S., Anderson, R. T., Hillemeier, M. M., Schaefer, E. W., & Paul, I. M. (2012). Development and validation of a scale measuring satisfaction with maternal and newborn health care following childbirth. Maternal and child health journal, 16(5), 997-1007.

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