Infertility Self-Efficacy (ISE)

The Infertility Self-Efficacy Scale (ISE) is a 16-item measure to capture perceived self-efficacy for coping with a diagnosis and treatment for infertility. It assesses a patient’s confidence levels on aspects of cognitive, emotional and behavioral skills related to infertility and its medical treatment. The ISE Scale demonstrated a single component structure and may help inform psychological outcomes of clinical interventions for individuals and couples navigating the medical experience of infertility.


Geographies Tested: United States of America

Populations Included: Female, Male

Age Range: Adults


I feel confident I can...

1. Ignore or push away unpleasant thoughts that can upset me during medical procedures
2. Keep a sense of humor
3. Make meaning out of my infertility experience
4. Handle mood swings caused by hormonal treatments
5. Keep from getting discouraged when nothing I do seems to make a difference
6. Accept that my best efforts may not change myour infertility
7. Control negative feelings about infertility
8. Cope with pregnant friends and family members
9. Handle personal feelings of anger or hostility
10. Keep a positive attitude
11. Lessen feelings of self-blame, shame, or defectiveness
12. Stay relaxed while waiting for appointments or test results
13. Do something to make myself feel better if I am sad or discouraged
14. Feel good about my body and myself
15. Keep active with my usual life routine
16. Feel like a sexual individual

Response Options:
9-point Likert scale from "not at all confident" to "very confident"

Scoring Procedures

Not Available

Original Citation

Cousineau, T. M., Green, T. C., Corsini, E. A., Barnard, T., Seibring, A. R., & Domar, A. D. (2006). Development and validation of the Infertility Self-Efficacy scale. Fertility and Sterility, 85(6), 1684-1696.

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