Interest in Providing Safer Conception Counseling

The Interest in Providing Safer Conception Counseling scale is a six-item measure designed to assess providers’ interest in providing specific aspects of safer conception counseling (SCC) regarding specific safer conception methods (SCM) and counseling HIV+ clients on the use of specific SCM. The scale also asked providers to rate their level of agreement with statements that the provision of SCC related to perceived client adherence.


Geographies Tested: Uganda

Populations Included: Female, Male

Age Range: Adults


1. How interested are you in providing guidance to mixed status couples about the use of unprotected or “live” sex only during the few days a month when the woman is most fertile?
2. How interested are you in providing guidance to mixed status couples (where the woman is HIV+) about how to collect the man’s semen and inject it into the woman’s vagina?
3. If ARVs were approved for such use in Uganda, how interested would you be in providing guidance to uninfected partners of your HIV+ patients about taking ARVs daily during the months they attempt conception via unprotected sex?

Response Options:
10-point Likert scale
Low level of interest – 1
High level of interest – 10

4. Most clients will not follow the advice we give regarding how to increase the safety of conception
5. Most uninfected partners will not take HIV medications daily during the conception period
6. It is not a good use of resources to recommend that uninfected partners take HIV medications daily during the conception period

Response Options:
4-point Likert scale
Strongly disagree – 1
Strongly agree – 4

Scoring Procedures

Compute the mean item score. Higher scores represent greater interest in providing safer conception counseling to people living with HIV regarding specific safer conception methods.

Original Citation

Woldetsadik, M. A., Goggin, K., Staggs, V. S., Wanyenze, R. K., Beyeza-Kashesya, J., Mindry, D., Finocchario-Kessler, S., Khanakwa, S., & Wagner, G. J. (2016). Safer conception methods and counseling: Psychometric evaluation of new measures of attitudes and beliefs among HIV clients and providers. AIDS Behavior, 20(6), 1370-1381.

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