Gender-Role Conflict Scale II

The Gender-Roles Conflict Scale I is a 16-item self-reported measure asking males to report on their degree of comfort or conflict in specific gender-role conflict situations. The items measure the following 4 domains: i) success, power, competition, ii) homophobia; iii) lack of emotional response and iv) public embarrassment from gender-role deviance. Each item is preceded by a descriptive situation that ends with a question for each factor.


Geographies Tested: United States of America

Populations Included: Male

Age Range:


Success, power, competition
1. How much conflict do you feel about your brother's success compared to your own job as a plumber's supply truck driver?
2. How much conflict do you feel between your poor performance and your desired level of performance?
3. How conflicted do you feel that her salary is much higher than yours during a conversation with this new couple you have just met?
4. How conflicted would you feel with your desire to have intercourse and your inability to achieve an erection?
5. How comfortableuncomfortable do you feel with your lower grades compared to your friends' grades?
6. How conflicted do you feel about your low ranking and that they will be known by your other colleagues?

7. How comfortableuncomfortable would you feel talking during intermission to this person who is a known homosexual?
8. At the bar you notice that an unknown man is staring at you and then comes over to introduce himself. How comfortableuncomfortable would you feel talking to this man?
9. Under these conditions, how conflicted would you feel as a heterosexual male going out with a man thought to be gay?
10. How much conflict do you feel between your admiration for this person and the fact that he is a homosexual?

Lack of emotional response
11. How comfortableuncomfortable do you feel responding to her sadness, emotions, and tears?
12. How comfortableuncomfortable are you responding to your friends' intense emotions and fears about employment?
13. Disregarding your sadness of his dying state, how comfortableuncomfortable are you specifically with your father's expression of love for you?

Public embarrassment from gender-role deviance
14. How comfortableuncomfortable do you feel with this public display or affection?
15. How comfortableuncomfortable do you feel carrying a woman's purse in front of people in the restaurant?
16. How conflicted do you feel about what your male co-worker might think about your contact and relationship with your intimate friend?

Response Options:
4-point scale
No conflictvery comfortable - 1
Very much conflictvery uncomfortable - 4

Scoring Procedures

Scores are summed; with higher scores assuming an expression of gender-role conflict and fear about femininity.

Original Citation

O'Neil, J. M., Helms, B. J., Gable, R. K., David, L., & Wrightsman, L. S. (1986). Gender-Role Conflict Scale: College men's fear of femininity. Sex Roles, 14(5/6), 335-350.

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