Motivation at Work Scale

The Motivation at Work Scale is a 12-item measure of four key domains of motivation at work: external regulation, introjection, identification, and intrinsic motivation.


Geographies Tested: Canada

Populations Included: Female, Male

Age Range: Adults


Using the scale below, please indicate for each of the following statements to what degree they presently correspond to one of the reasons for which you are doing this specific job

1.Because I enjoy this work very much
2.Because I have fun doing my job
3.For the moments of pleasure that this job brings me
4.I chose this job because it allows me to reach my life goals
5.Because this job fulfills my career plans
6.Because this job fits my personal values
7.Because I have to be the best in my job, I have to be a “winner”
8.Because my work is my life and I don’t want to fail
9.Because my reputation depends on it
10.Because this job affords me a certain standard of living
11.Because it allows me to make a lot of money
12.I do this job for the paycheck

Response Options:
not at all - 1
very little - 2
a little - 3
moderately - 4
strongly - 5
very strongly - 6
exactly - 7

Scoring Procedures

Scores are averaged to get the overall score.

Original Citation

Gagné, M., Forest, J., Gilbert, M. H., Aubé, C., Morin, E., & Malorni, A. (2010). The motivation at work scale: Validation evidence in two languages. Educational and psychological measurement, 70(4), 628-646.

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