Gender Identity Scale for Transgender Women (GIS-TW)

Gender Identity Scale for Transgender Women (GIS-TW) is a 21-item measure of the different aspects of gender identity for transgender women in China before, during, and after transition in order to improve gender-affirming medical treatment. This scale contains 6 subscales: 1. Social gender role affirmation, 2. Physical and mental incongruence, 3. Physical transition, 4. Self-affirmative gender expression, 5. Sexual attraction and 6. Sexual pleasure.


Geographies Tested: China

Populations Included: Transgender

Age Range: Adults


Social gender role affirmation
1. I want to participate in all kinds of daily activities as a transgender woman, such as entertainment, shopping, dining and so on.
2. I want to carry out my work activities as a transgender woman, such as going to work, meeting with colleagues and leaders, meeting clients and so on. 3. I want to live my life as a transgender woman all the time.

Mental incongruence
4. I fantasize about myself as a transgender woman daily.
5. I am a transgender woman living in a man's body.
6. My body makes me feel that I am not a real woman.

Physical transition
7. I want to remove my male reproductive organs, such as testicles and penis.
8. I am sure I'm moving in the direction of transsexuality.
9. I want to change my physical characteristics by taking estrogen.
10. I want to change my male secondary sex characteristics, such as Adam's apple, beard, body hair and so on.

Self-affirmative gender expression
11. I have taken public transport as a transgender woman, such as taxi, train, plane and so on.
12. I have checked in a hotel as a transgender woman.
13. I have appeared in different social situations as a transgender woman.
14. Relatives or friends have seen my transgendered identity.

Sexual attraction
15. When I appear feminine, I think I'm attractive.
16. When I appear feminine, I think someone would want to have sexual contact with me, such as kissing or caressing.
17. When I appear feminine, I think I am sexually attractive to others.

Sexual pleasure
18. I prefer the ways of having sex that makes me feel like a woman.
19. I wish I could have vaginoplasty to have sex with my partner.
20. When I masturbate by stimulating my genitals, I feel more comfortable if I imagine my body parts are womanly.
21. I wish I could have breast implants and be fondled by my partner, which makes me sexual excited.

Response Options:
5-point Likert scale
I strongly disagree - 1
I strongly agree - 5

Scoring Procedures

The mean score of the items in each subscale is calculated.

Original Citation

Han, M., Pan, B., Wang, Y., Wilson, A., Chen, R., & Wu, R. (2021). Development and psychometric evaluation of the Gender Identity Scale for Transgender Women in China. Frontiers in Psychology, 12, 792776.

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