Feminist Perspectives Scale-Behaviors

The Feminist Perspectives Scale-Behaviors is a 15-item self-reported behavioral scale of various liberal feminist items. It is a sub-scale of the 78-item Feminist Perspectives Scale with also contains attitudinal measures across 6 feminist perspectives.


Geographies Tested: United States of America

Populations Included: Female, Male, Other

Age Range: Adolescents, Adults


1. I try to work only with groups in which there is shared leadership rather than hierarchies.
2. I actively try to integrate a communal form of work with a communal form of family life.
*3. I have spoken against someone for overly affectionate behavior toward a member of the same sex in a public place.
4. I have participated in rape counseling because it was sensitive to issues of women of color.
5. I attend a place of worship that has changed the language of its prayer books and hymnals to reflect the equality of men and women.
*6. My partner and I have followed the phases of the moon as a natural birth control method.
7. I have read nonexploitative erotica written from a woman's point of view. 8. I use "she" rather than "he" generically, that is, to refer to an unknown person.
9. I take my child to a racially mixed child care center (or will when I have a child).
10. I try whenever I can to present an example of a nonviolent, noncompetitive alternative way of relating to people.
11. I often encourage women to take advantage of the many educational and legal opportunities available to them.
*12. In my house we follow the religious rule that says that the wife should obey the husband.
13. I have participated in a protest against pornography.
14. I don't try to imitate or compete with the other sex either inside or outside the home.
15. I have participated in prochoice rallies (supporting freedom to have an abortion).

Response Options:
Very untrue of me - 1
Moderately untrue of me - 2
A little untrue of me - 3
Undecided - 4
A little true of me - 5
Moderately true of me - 6
Very true of me - 7

*Items are reverse scored

Scoring Procedures

The total score is the sum of the 15 item scores.

Original Citation

Henley, N. M., Meng, K., O'Brien, D., McCarthy, W. J., & Sockloskie, R. J. (1998). Developing a scale to measure the diversity of feminist attitudes. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 22, 317-348.

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