Adolescent Future Expectations Scale for Parents (AFES-p)

The Adolescent Future Expectations Scale for Parents (AFES-p) is a 14-item self-report scale assessing parental expectations about their children’s future. It is adapted from the Adolescent Future Expectations Scale (Sánchez-Sandoval and Verdugo, 2016) to be answered by parents. The four domains measured by the AFES-p include Economic/Occupational, Academic, Personal Well-being and Family Expectations.


Geographies Tested: Spain

Populations Included: Female, Male

Age Range: Adults


Spanish version

Nos gustaría saber cómo cree que será la vida de su hijo/a. Imagíneselo/la en un futuro y responda a lassiguientes cuestiones. ¿Cómo de probable cree qué le ocurrirán las siguientes cosas a su hijo/a? Marque con una X

Expectativas Económico/Laborales
1. Encontrará trabajo
2. Tendrá un coche
3. Encontrará un trabajo que le guste
4. Tendrá una casa
5. Encontrará un trabajo bien remunerado

Expectativas Academias
6. Terminará los estudios de Secundaria
7. Terminará Bachillerato o un Ciclo Formativo
8. Realizará estudios universitarios

Expectativas de Bienestar Personales
9. Será respetado por los otros
10. Se sentirá seguro
11. Será feliz

Expectativas Familiares
12. Tendrá una vida familiar feliz
13. Encontrará una persona con quien formar una pareja feliz y estable
14. Tendrá hijos

Response Options:
Estoy segura/a de que no ocurrirá - 1
Es difícil que ocurra - 2
Puede que sí/puede que no - 3
Probablemente ocurra - 4
Estoy seguro/a de que ocurrirá - 5

English version

We would like to know how you think your son/daughter’s life will be. Imagine your son/daughter in the future, and then answer the following questions. How likely do you think that the following things will happen to your son/ daughter? Mark with an X

Economic/Occupational Expectations
1. He/she will find a job
2. He/she will have a car
3. He/she will find a job he/she likes
4. He/she will have a house
5. He/she will find a well-paid job

Academic Expectations
6. He/she will complete Secondary Education
7. He/she will complete High school or a Higher Degree Vocational Training.
8. He/she will study a university degree

Well-Being Expectations
9. He/she will be respected by others
10. He/she will be self-confident
11. He/she will be happy

Family Expectations
12. He/she will have a happy family life
13. He/she will find someone with whom to form a happy and stable couple
14. He/she will have children

Response Options:
I am sure that will not happen - 1
It is difficult for that to happen- 2
Maybe yes/maybe no - 3
It will probably happen - 4
I am sure that will happen - 5

Scoring Procedures

The mean is calculated for sub-scale and total scale scores. Higher scores indicate more positive expectations about the events’ occurring in the future.

Original Citation

Sánchez-Sandoval, Y., Verdugo, L., & del Río, F. J. (2019). Adolescent Future Expectations Scale for Parents (AFES-p): Development and validation. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 28(6), 1481-1489.

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