Attitudes Toward Men Scale

The Attitudes Toward Men Scale is a 32-item measure of attitudes that women have toward men, covering four domains: Marriage and Parenthood, Sexuality, Work, and Physical and Personality Attributes.


Geographies Tested: United States of America

Populations Included: Female

Age Range: Adolescents, Adults


Marriage and Parenthood
1. Men consider marriage a trap.
2. Most fathers want very much to be close to their children.
3. Most husbands consider their wives to be weak and witless creatures.
4. Men often view women as one of their possessions.
5. Most men marry to obtain free sexual and domestic service.
6. Men feel that raising children is women's work.
7. After several years of marriage men become bored with their wives.
8. Men consider washing dishes and doing the laundry to be entirely women's work.
9. Men use work to avoid family and home responsibility.
10. Men are generally faithful to their wives.
11. Fathers are often "heavy handed" in disciplining their children.
12. Men dislike children.
13. Many men are incapable of giving warmth and love to a child.

14. Men want only "one thing" from a woman.
15. The male body is visually unappealing.
16. A man cannot get enough sex.
17. The sight of a penis is repulsive.
18. Typically men enter a sexual relationship only to satisfy their sexual urges.
19. A men's penis is not his only sensual area.
20. Male sex organs are attractive.

21. It is important to a man that he provide for his family.
22. Men are ambitious and achievement oriented.
23. Success is important to a man.
24. A man's job is the most important thing in his life.

Physical and Personality Attributes
25. An athletic man is to be admired.
26. A man's independence is to be admired.
27. The facial and body hair of a man adds to his virility.
28. Physical strength is a positive attribute of men.
29. A muscular male body is a thing of beauty.
30. Men stand up very well under pressure.
31. Men have strong leadership qualities.
32. A man's broad shoulders and narrow hips are impressive.

Response Options:
Agree strongly - 4
Agree mildly - 3
Disagree mildly - 2
Disagree strongly - 1

Scoring Procedures

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Original Citation

Iazzo, A. N. (1983). The construction and validation of Attitudes Toward Men Scale. The Psychological Record, 33(3), 371-378.

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