Living Standards Measurement Survey 1998 - Kyrgyzstan: Time Use in Other Activities

The Time Use in Other Activities measure includes 8 items from the Kyrgyzstan Living Standards Measurement Survey 1998. The items asked about the time allocated by respondents for unpaid work which included caring for children and elderly people, carrying out household work and looking for a job. The Kyrgyzstan Living Standards Measurement Survey aimed to assess household welfare, understand household behavior, and evaluate the effect of various government policies on the living conditions of the population. Navigational aspects (i.e. skip-out patterns and next question sequences) have not been included on this page but can be viewed on the original questionnaire located here.


Geographies Tested: Kyrgyzstan

Populations Included: Female, Male

Age Range: Adolescents, Adults


Other Activities

Now I would like to ask you about time you spent outside of work (yesterday only)

1. How many hours did you care for children yesterday?
2. How many hours did you spend caring for elderly people yesterday?
3. How many hours did you spend cleaning the house, preparing meals, or washing clothes yesterday?
4. How many hours did you spend gathering water and fuel for your household’s use yesterday?

Response Options:
If None, Write Zero
______ Number of Hours

5. During the past 12 months has there been any period of time when you were without paid work?
6. Have you looked for work during the past 12 months?

Response Options:
Yes - 1
No - 2

7. During the past 12 months, how many weeks were you looking for a job?

Response Options:
______ Number of Weeks

8. Were the weeks that you were without paid work continuous, in two periods, or in several periods?

Response Options:
One Period - 1
Two Periods - 2
Several Periods - 3

Scoring Procedures

Not Applicable

Original Citation

National Statistical Committee (NATSTATCOM). (1998). Living Standards Measurement Survey The Republic of Kyrgyzstan Household Questionnaire.

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