Environment-Related Livelihoods- Use of Wild Forests

Environment-Related Aquaculture- Use of Wild Forests includes 5 items related to the respondents' use of wild forests, both for pay or profit, and for household consumption.
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Geographies Tested:

Populations Included: Female, Male

Age Range:


1. In the past 12 months, do you use wild forest areawild pastureswild wooded land (natural forest, not artificially planted, including wild mangroves) for your livelihoods?

Response Options:
Yes- 1
No- 2
I do not know- 98

2. What is the approximate size of the wild forest wooded land area you used?

[ ] Km2 (replace with most commonly used unit of measurement if necessary, and indicate unit of measurement)

3. Would you say that the wild area you use [forest, pastures, wooded land] has changed in the past 5 years?

Response Options:
Yes, the total forest, pasture or wooded area has decreased- 1
Yes, the total forest, pasture or wooded area has increased- 2
Yes, I cannot find the same variety and quantity of animals and plants as I used to find- 3
Yes, the area is now dryer- 4
Yes, the area is now floodedmore humid- 5
Yes, the area is now polluted and I can't use it- 6
The area no longer exists (was industrialized, privatized or logged)- 7
The area is permanently damaged by weather events (previous flooddraughtother)- 8

4. What is the main use of wild forest, pastures or wild wooded land for you?

Response Options:
Timber collection- 1
Fodder collection- 2
Firewood collection (own use)- 3
Firewood collection (other use)- 4
Harvesting of other plants, flowers, mushrooms, other- 5
Harvesting of wildlife (mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, snails, insects other wildlife)- 6
Harvesting of honey or other animal products- 7
Harvesting of construction materials- 8
Livestock grazing- 9
Other- 10

5. Do you participate in any forest groups or communal land governance groups ?

Response Options:
Yes- 1
No- 0

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UN Women (2020). Model questionnaire: Measuring the nexus between gender and environment.

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