Problematic Internet Entertainment Use Scale for Adolescents (PIEUSA)

The Problematic Internet Entertainment Use Scale for Adolescents (PIEUSA) measures the extent of problematic online entertainment usage among young people. Internet entertainment forms of focus in this scale are Online Video Games (OVG) and Social Networking Sites (SNS).


Geographies Tested: Spain

Populations Included: Female, Male

Age Range: Adolescents


Please answer each of the following questions about Online Video Games (OVG) andor Social Networking Sites (SNS) as Internet entertainments used in the past year.

1. When I am not in class, I usually think about OVG andor SNS (the last time I played or enjoyed my scores or friends, my previous sessions, etc.)
2. When I playenjoy myself online I spend more time than I had planned
3. When I finish playing, I look forward to my next session of entertainment with OVG andor SNS
4. When I begin accustomed to playing a game or to an entertainment website, I need more time to derive enjoyment than I did at first
5. When I play OVG or visit SNS, I can forget my homework
6. When I play OVG or visit SNS, I can forget my household chores (making my bed, washing dishes, walking the dog, etc.)
7. When I play OVG or visit SNS, I can forget everything
8. When I play OVG or visit SNS I become very tense, even a little agitated, trying to answer quickly and correctly
9. When I play OVG or visit SNS, other people (parents, brothers, sisters, friends, etc.) complain about the length of time I spend
10. I get annoyed when people ask me what I'm doing while I'm playing OVG or visiting SNS
11. I have tried not to spend so much time with OVG or SNS, but I find it difficult
12. I am unable to leave a session half-finished, I have to finish somehow
13. When I stop playing it's because I just can't go on and have been playing for one or more hours
14. When, for any reason, I have to stop playing before I want to, I get irritable, nervous, in a bad mood, short, I feel bad
15. OVG or SNS help me forget my daily problems for a while and just enjoy myself
16. A world without OVG or SNS would not be fun
17. I have met new people through this kind of entertainment (OVG or SNS)
18. Through this kind of entertainment (OVG or SNS) I have made new friends
19. I have occasionally got hooked on this kind of entertainment (OVG or SNS): when the video game is new, during the holidays, when I meet something or someone new through SNS, etc.
20. I have lost my appetite or missed a meal on account of OVG or SNS
21. I have lost sleep due to the time I spend playing OVG or visiting SNS
22. I have told lies about the time I spend on OVG or visiting SNS
23. I have hidden things that I found out through OVG or SNS
24. I have spent money on OVG or SNS entertainment
25. I have sometimes preferred OVG or SNS to being with my friends
26. I have tried everything possible to get more time to play or obtain new video games, friends...
27. When I am playing OVG or visiting SNS it is usual for me to ask my parentsbrother(s)sister(s) to let me play a little longer
28. I get completely absorbed when I am playing online
29. I like to keep up-to-date with anything new in OVG or SNS
30. My main entertainment is OVG or SNS

Response Options:
7-point Likert scale
I strongly disagree - 1
I strongly agree - 7

Scoring Procedures

Item scores are summed to calculate a total score ranging from 30-210.

Original Citation

Lopez-Fernandez, O., Freixa-Blanxart, M., & Honrubia-Serrano, M. L. (2013). The problematic internet entertainment use scale for adolescents: Prevalence of problem internet use in Spanish high school students. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, & Social Networking, 16(2), 108-118.

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