Date and Acquaintance Rape Avoidance Scale

The Date and Acquaintance Rape Avoidance Scale is a 63-item measure of behaviors women employ to avoid date and acquaintance rape, under a single factor: general vigilance. This measure was developed as a tool to be used for improving theory and constructing rape education and prevention programs.

Warning Flag


  1. I avoid leading a person on sexually.
  2. I avoid sending mixed signals.
  3. I avoid encouraging talk about inappropriate topics.
  4. I limit physical contact.
  5. I maintain my personal space.
  6. I avoid wearing clothing that I feel is revealing.
  7. I avoid wearing clothing that is sexy.
  8. I am upfront about my boundaries and personal space.
  9. I will let a person know if they are making me uncomfortable.
  10. I will refuse sexual advances if I am not interested.
  11. I am aware as to what I have that can be used as a weapon (e.g., keys).
  12. I lock my car/home immediately after I get in.
  13. I let people know where I am going.
  14. I let people know who I am going out with.
  15. I let people know when to expect me back.
  16. I will leave when I feel uncomfortable.
  17. I will let someone else (e.g., friend, boss) know if someone is making me uncomfortable.
  18. I park in well-lit areas.
  19. I will not drink if I did not get or see it made myself.
  20. I avoid leaving my food/drink unattended.
  21. I will not drink or eat something I left unattended.
  22. I avoid hanging around drunk men.
  23. I avoid hanging around men that I know use drugs.
  24. I trust my intuition about people and situations.
  25. I watch for behavioral changes in people (e.g., body language, odd or creepy behavior).
  26. I am careful about revealing personal information.
  27. I prefer dates in public places.
  28. I avoid going to unfamiliar places with my date.
  29. I prefer the first few dates be in public places.
  30. I limit the first few dates to public places.
  31. I will go on a group or double date when I am dating someone new at first.
  32. I try and make sure breakups are clear of any ambiguity.
  33. I avoid contact with exes.
  34. I do not kiss on the first date.
  35. I will not date someone until I trust them.
  36. I will not date someone until I think I know them well.
  37. I try and find out more about the person before dating them (e.g., friends, Internet, background check).
  38. I avoid dating men I met on the Internet.
  39. I will not go to their home until I trust them.
  40. I will not allow them into my home until I trust them.
  41. I do not drink alcoholic beverages on dates.
  42. I do not drink alcoholic beverages on first dates.
  43. I do not get drunk on dates.
  44. I do not get drunk on first dates.
  45. I avoid being in a situation where I am in a secluded area with an acquaintance of the opposite sex.
  46. I avoid leaving a populated location with an acquaintance.
  47. I avoid being alone with acquaintances.
  48. I avoid inviting acquaintances to my home.
  49. I avoid going to an acquaintances home.
  50. I will take a good friend with me when I go out with acquaintances.
  51. I do not stray from friends at a social event.
  52. I try and avoid being the only female at work late.
  53. I avoid getting drunk with acquaintances.
  54. I avoid drinking alcoholic beverages with acquaintances.
  55. I will only drink alcoholic beverages with acquaintances if they are good friends or good friends are in attendance.
  56. I avoid using drugs with acquaintances.
  57. I am clear with friends that we are just friends, nothing more.
  58. I avoid spending excessive time with acquaintances.
  59. I will not spend time with an acquaintance that makes me feel uncomfortable.
  60. I do not automatically trust everyone, they must earn it.
  61. When I go out with acquaintances and I bring a friend, we will have a buddy system.
  62. I watch for signs that acquaintances may be interested in me beyond friendship.
  63. I keep my distance from someone whom I think is interested in me when the feeling is not mutual.

Response Options:
Seven-point scale ranging from 1 = "never" to 7 = "always"



United States of America




Scoring Procedures:

The individual scores across the 63 items are averaged to create a rape avoidance score, with higher scores indicating more rape avoidance behaviors.


Resendez, J. R., & Hughes, J. S. (2016). Introducing the date and acquaintance rape avoidance scale. Violence and victims, 31(4), 664-679.

Pyschometric Score:


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Psychometric Scoring

Total Score: 3.50/8 Points (MEDIUM) 

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