Fertility Belief Questionnaire (FBQ)

The Fertility Belief Questionnaire (FBQ) is a 30-item measure of different cultural beliefs associated with the experience of infertility in Africa. The measure captures five sub-scales: timeline chronic/acute infertility, consequences, illness coherence, personal control, and treatment control.


Geographies Tested: Ghana

Populations Included: Female

Age Range: Adults


We are interested in your own personal views of how you now see your fertility problem. Please indicate how much you agree or disagree with the following statements about your fertility problem by ticking the appropriate box.

Views about your fertility problem (Timeline: Chronic/Acute)
1. My fertility problem will last a short time
2. My fertility problem is likely to be permanent
3. My fertility problem will improve in time

Views about your fertility problem (Consequences)
4. My fertility problem is a serious condition
5. My fertility problem has major consequences on my life
6. My fertility problem does not have much effect on my life
7. My fertility problem strongly affects the way others see me
8. My fertility problem has serious financial consequences
9. My fertility problem causes difficulties for those who are close to me
10. I can be divorced because of my fertility problem
11. My fertility problem makes me feel incomplete
12. I don’t interact with other people’s children because of my fertility problem
13. It is difficult for me to interact with people in my community because my fertility problem
14. My fertility problem makes me have problems with my in-laws

Illness coherence
15. My fertility problem is confusing to me
16. My fertility problem is surprising to me
17. I don’t understand my fertility problem
18. My fertility problem doesn’t make any sense to me
19. I have a clear picture or understanding of my fertility problem

Personal control
20. There are many things I can do to control my fertility problem
21. What I do can determine whether my fertility problem gets better or worse
22. The outcome of my fertility problem depends on me
23. Nothing I do will affect my fertility problem
24. My actions will have no effect on the outcome of my fertility problem

Treatment control
25. The use of herbs can treat my fertility problem
26. I use prayer as a means to solve/cure my fertility problem
27. I combine prayers with herbs and hospital treatment to solve my fertility problem
28. There is very little that can be done to improve my fertility problem
29. Hospital treatment will be effective in curing my fertility problem
30. There is nothing that can help my fertility problem

Response Options:
Strongly agree - 5
Moderately agree - 4
Slightly agree - 3
Moderately disagree - 2
Slightly disagree - 1
Strongly disagree - 0

Scoring Procedures

Not Available

Original Citation

Naab, F., Brown, R., & Heidrich, S. (2017). The Fertility Belief Questionnaire (FBQ). Journal of Advanced Medical Sciences and Applied Technologies, 3(2), 109-120.

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