College Date Rape Attitude Survey (CDRAS)

College Date Rape Attitude Survey (CDRAS) is a 17-item measure of attitudes related to risk for committing rape in adolescents and young adults. Items cover four subscales: entitlement, blame shifting, traditional roles and overwhelming sexual arousal.


Geographies Tested: United States of America

Populations Included: Female, Male

Age Range: Adults


1. If a woman lets a man buy her dinner or pay for a movie or drinks she owes him sex.
2. A man is entitled to intercourse if his partner has agreed to it but at the last moment changed her mind.
3. It is okay to pressure a date to drink alcohol in order to improve one's chances of getting one's date to have sex.
4. When a woman says "no" to sex what she really means is "maybe."
5. If a woman asks a man out on a date then she is definitely interested in having sex.

Blame Shifting
6. Women provoke rape by their behavior.
7. Women often lie about being raped to get back at their dates.
8. In the majority of date rapes the victim is promiscuous or has a bad reputation.
9. If a woman dresses in a sexy dress she is asking for sex.
10. In most cases when a woman was raped she was asking for it.
11. When a woman asks her date back to her place, I expect that something sexual will take place.

Traditional Roles
12. Most women enjoy being submissive in sexual relations.
13. Many women pretend they don't want to have sex because they don't want to appear "easy."
14. The degree of a woman's resistance should be a major factor in determining if a rape has occurred.

Overwhelming Sexual Arousal
15. A man can control his behavior no matter how sexually aroused he feels.
16. Date rapists are usually motivated by an overwhelming, unfulfilled sexual desire.
17. When a woman fondles a man's genitals it means she has consented to sexual intercourse.

Response Options:
Strongly disagree - 1
Disagree - 2
Neutral - 3
Agree - 4
Strongly agree - 5

Scoring Procedures

The mean of the item scores is calculated for the total measure score.

Original Citation

Lanier, C. A., & Green, B. A. (2006). Principal component analysis of the College Date Rape Attitude Survey (CDRAS). Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma, 13(2), 79-93.

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