Economic Expectations for Self and for Children

Economic Expectations for Self and for Children is a 12-item measure of respondent perception of future economic distress for the household. Items include perception of upcoming household distress related to food, medical expenses and childcare, perception that the household's financial situation is deteriorating and that the next generation's economic opportunities are reducing. Items are chosen from the Slow Fertility Transition Project in Egypt.


Geographies Tested: Egypt

Populations Included: Female

Age Range: Adults


Are you concerned that during the next year your household might not be able to pay for:
1. Food and household supplies
2. Clothes
3. Rent
4. Medical expenses for adult
5. Infant and child care & their medical expenses
6. Children's education
7. Saving for children's marriages
8. Installments or debt repayment

Response Options:
Yes - 1
No - 0
Not applicable

9. Some people think that each year the living circumstances are improving. Other people think that each year it is getting harder. Which do you think?

Response Options:
Improving - 1
Harder - 2

10. How about your children in the future? Do you think it will be easier, harder or about the same to cover the costs of food and housing?

Response Options:
Easier - 1
Harder - 2
Same - 3

11. Do you think that your children will have better educational opportunities than you had, the same, or worse opportunities?

Response Options:
Better - 1
Worse - 2
Same - 3

12. Do you think it will be easier, harder, or about the same for your children to find a decent job as compared to now?

Response Options:
Easier - 1
Harder - 2
Same - 3

Scoring Procedures

Not Available

Original Citation

El-Zeini, L. O. (2008). The path to replacement fertility in Egypt: Acceptance, preference, and achievement. Studies in Family Planning, 39(3), 161-176.

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