Accepting the Two-Child Family

Accepting the Two-Child Family is a 19-item measure capturing expectations around two-child families. Items cover aspects related to ideal number of children, and advantages and disadvantages associated with the number of children. Items are chosen from the Slow Fertility Transition Project in Egypt.


Geographies Tested: Egypt

Populations Included: Female

Age Range: Adults


1. If you could choose exactly the number of children to have in your whole life, how many children would that be?
2. If you see a couple these days in Egypt, what is the number of children you would consider too few for them?

Response Options:

In your opinion what are the advantages of having two children as compared to having more than two?

3. Is one advantage a less crowded household?
4. With two children, can a household have a better living standard?
5. With two children, can the children be raised more properly?
6. Can children have more schooling when there are only two?
7. Are the children healthier when there are only two?
8. Is having two children less stressful to a woman's health?
9. With two children, is it easier for the woman to work or do other things she enjoys?
10. Is reducing the population explosion in Egypt a reason for women to have only two children?
11. With two children, is the household happier?

Response Options:
Yes - 1
No - 2
No advantages at all - 3

In your opinion, what are the disadvantages of having two children as compared to having more than two?
12. With two children, do couples get less help from children in household work?
13. With two children, the contribution to the household income is less?
14. With two children, will the couples have insufficient support in old age?
15. With two children, is the feeling of a strong family lost?
16. With two children, is the husband less tied to the family?
17. With two children, is the family name weakened?
18. With two children, is there a shortage of sons or daughters?
19. With two children, is there a risk of not having enough children survive to adulthood?

Response Options:
Yes - 1
No - 2
No disadvantages at all - 3

Scoring Procedures

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Original Citation

El-Zeini, L. O. (2008). The path to replacement fertility in Egypt: Acceptance, preference, and achievement. Studies in Family Planning, 39(3), 161-176.

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