Copenhagen Burnout Inventory (CBI)

The Copenhagen Burnout Inventory (CBI) is a 19-item self reported measure of burnout. It contains three sub-scales measuring personal burnout, work-related burnout, and client-related burnout


Geographies Tested: Denmark

Populations Included:

Age Range:


Personal burnout
1. How often do you feel tired?
2. How often are you physically exhausted?
3. How often are you emotionally exhausted?
4. How often do you think: "I can't take it anymore?"
5. How often do you feel worn out?
6. How often do you feel weak and susceptible to illness?

Work-related burnout
7. Do you feel worn out at the end of the working day?
8. Are you exhausted in the morning at the thought of another day at work?
9. Do you feel that every working hour is tiring for you?
*10. Do you have enough energy for family and friends during leisure time?

Respone Options:
Always - 100%
Often - 75%
Sometimes - 50%
Seldom - 25%
Neveralmost never - 0%

11. Is your work emotionally exhausting?
12. Does your work frustrate you?
13. Do you feel burnt out because of your work?

Client-related burnout
14. Do you find it hard to work with clients?
15. Does it drain your energy to work with clients?
16. Do you find it frustrating to work with clients?
17. Do you feel that you give more than you get back when you work with clients?

Response Options: Always - 100%
Often - 75%
Sometimes - 50%
Seldom - 25%
Neveralmost never - 0%

18. Are you tired of working with clients?
19. Do you sometimes wonder how long you will be able to continue working with clients?

Response Options:
To a very high degree - 100%
To a high degree - 75%
Somewhat - 50%
To a low degree - 25%
To a very low degree - 0%

*Item is revere scored

Scoring Procedures

Possible score range for all scales is 0 to 100. Scores for each subscales are averaged, and a total averaged score is calculated.

Original Citation

Kristensen, T. S., Borritz, M., Villadsen, E., & Christensen, K. B. (2005). The Copenhagen Burnout Inventory: A new tool for the assessment of burnout. Work & Stress, 19(3), 192-207.

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