Arabic Social Capital Scale (SCS)

The Arabic Social Capital Scale (SCS) is a 14-item adaptation of the Social Capital Scale. The scale was adapted and tested among an Egyptian sample of parents of children with chronic conditions. The scale items demonstrate emergence of four factors - engagement for the common good, sense of belonging, systems connection and family role in community.


Geographies Tested: Egypt

Populations Included: Female, Male

Age Range: Adults


1. We work with families like our own to help the community understand our needs.
2. We usually ask for help when we need it.
3. We talk to others about ways to improve the community.
4. We do things with our neighbors to improve the neighborhood.
5. When our family is having a hard time, the community does not seem to notice.
6. People in the health care system do not feel our child is important.*
7. Our child hardly spends time with people outside our family.*
8. We participate in activities through a church or place of worship.
9. If we needed help from the school system, we know how to get it.
10. If we wanted to make a change in our child’s school we would know whom to talk to.
11.We work with others in the community to make it a good place to live.
12. The health care system is set up to work for us.
13. Our child’s health is important to this community.
14. As parents, we are contributing to the community’s well-being.

*Items reverse-coded during scoring

Response Options:
Strongly disagree - 1
Agree - 2
Neither agree, nor disagree - 3
Disagree - 4
Strongly agree - 5

Scoring Procedures

Item scores are summed for the total. The range of possible scores on the 14-item Arabic SCS is 14-70.

Original Citation

Looman, W. S., & Farrag, S. (2009). Psychometric properties and cross-cultural equivalence of the Arabic Social Capital Scale: Instrument development study. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 46(1), 45-54.

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