Sexual Consent Behaviors Scale

The Sexual Consent Behaviors Scale is a 9-item measure of respondents' sexual consent behaviors. This scale contains two scales: 1. Consent discussions/awareness and 2. Consent is negotiated once.


Geographies Tested: Canada

Populations Included: Female, Male

Age Range: Adults


Consent discussions/awareness
1. I have NOT given much thought to the topic of sexual consent.*
2. I have discussed sexual consent issues with a friend.
3. I have discussed sexual consent issues with my current (or most recent) partner at times OTHER THAN during sexual encounters.
4. I have heard sexual consent issues being discussed by other students on campus.

Consent is negotiated once
5. During a sexual encounter, I typically only GIVE my consent once.
6. During a sexual encounter, I typically only ASK for consent once.
7. I tend NOT to decide ahead of time what I will and will not consent to sexually. I wait till I am 'in the moment' to decide.
8. Typically, I ask for consent my making a sexual advance and waiting for a reaction, so I know whether or not to continue.
9. Sexual consent is NOT something my current (or most recent) partner and I discuss before we start having sex.

Response Options:
7-point Likert scale
Strongly disagree - 1
Strongly agree - 7

*Items are reverse scored

Scoring Procedures

The mean of each subscale is calculated. Higher scores represent stronger agreement.

Original Citation

Humphreys, T., & Herold, E. (2007). Sexual consent in heterosexual relationships: Development of a new measure. Sex Roles, 57(3-4), 305-315.

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