Resiliency Attitudes and Skills Profile

The Resiliency Attitudes and Skills Profile is a 34-item self-reported measure of individual experience of attitudes and skills associated with resilience in youth, separated into seven domains: Insight, Independence, Creativity, Humor, Initiative, Relationships, and Values/Orientation. The scale asses resiliency attitudes and skills including interpersonal skills, adaptability, and self-confidence.


Geographies Tested: United States of America

Populations Included: Female, Male

Age Range: Adolescents



1. I learn from my mistakes.
2. I notice small changes in facial expression.
3. I know when I am good at something.
4. I can change my behavior to match the situation.
5. When something goes wrong, I can tell if it was my fault.
6. I can sense when someone is not telling the truth.
7. I can tell what mood someone is in just by looking at himher.


8. I can deal with whatever comes in the future.
9. I’m prepared to deal with the consequences of my actions.
10. I say “no” to things I don’t want to do.
11. It’s OK if some people do not like me.
12. I control my own life.


13. Once I set a goal for myself, I don’t let anything stop me from reaching it.
14. I can imagine the consequences of my actions.
15. When I am faced with a tough situation, I come up with new ways to handle it.
16. I can come up with different ways to let out my feelings.


17. My sense of humor makes it easier to deal with tough situations.
18. I look for the “lighter side” of tough situations.
19. Laughter helps me deal with stress.


20. When my work is criticized, I try harder the next time.
21. I can change my surroundings.
22. I try to figure out things I do not understand.


23. My friends know they can count on me.
24. My family is there for me when I need them.
25. I avoid people who could get me into trouble.
26. I choose my friends carefully.
27. I’m good at keeping friendships going.
28. I have friends that will back me up.


29. It’s OK if I don’t see things the way other people do.
30. Lying is unacceptable.
31. I am comfortable making my own decisions.
32. I try to help other.
33. I stand up for what I believe is right.
34. I avoid situations where I could get into trouble.

Response Options:
6-point Likert scale
Strongly disagree - 1
Strongly agree - 6

Scoring Procedures

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Original Citation

Hurtes, K. P., & Allen, L. R. (2001). Measuring resiliency in youth: The resiliency attitudes and skills profile. Therapeutic recreation journal, 35(4), 333.

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