Gender Equal Attitude Scale

The Gender Equal Attitude Scale is a 12-item measure that captures men's attitudes on gender equality.


Geographies Tested: India

Populations Included: Male

Age Range: Adults


1. You don’t talk about sex, you just do it.
2. Women who carry condoms on them are “easy”.
3. Changing diapers, giving the kids a bath, and feeding the kids are the mother’s responsibility.
4. It is a woman’s responsibility to avoid getting pregnant.
5. A man should have the final word about decisions in his home.
6. A woman should tolerate violence in order to keep her family together.
7. I would be outraged if my wife asked me to use a condom.
8. A couple should decide together if they want to have children.
9. In my opinion, a woman can suggest using condoms just like a man can.
10. If a man gets a woman pregnant, the child is the responsibility of both.
11. It is important that a father is present in the lives of his children, even if he is no longer with the mother.
12. A man and a woman should decide together what type of contraceptive to use.

Response Options:
Agree - 0
Partially agree - 1
Do not agree - 2

Scoring Procedures

Individual items were summed to get an overall score.

Original Citation

Mishra, A., Nanda, P., Speizer, I. S., Calhoun, L. M., Zimmerman, A., & Bhardwaj, R. (2014). Men’s attitudes on gender equality and their contraceptive use in Uttar Pradesh India. Reproductive Health, 11(41), 1-13.

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