Perceived Male Involvement in Family Planning

Perceived Male Involvement in Family Planning is a 12-item instrument to measure women's perceptions of their male partner's control over family planning (FP) decisions.


Geographies Tested: Ethiopia

Populations Included: Female

Age Range: Adolescents, Adults


If I want to use FP …

1. My husband would discuss with me about the need to space childbirth.
2. My husband has ever discussed with me about the need to limit birth childbirth.
3. My husband would allow me to discuss with others or attend awareness creation activities on FP.
4. My husband would share me important information about FP.
5. For me convincing my husband to allow me to use FP may be easy for me.
6. If I am going to use FP, I think my husband will allow me to use it.
7. My husband has ever involved in the decision to use FP.
8. My husband has ever participated in making the choice of the type of FP.
9. My husband would handle the domestic activities to let me visit the health facility for FP.
10. My husband would provide me financial support to visit the health facility for FP.
11. My husband would accompany me to health facility if I want to use FP.
12. My husband would remind me the schedule for FP not to forget it.

Response Options:
3-point Likert scale
Disagree - 1
Agree - 3

Scoring Procedures

Responses from all items are added to obtain a combined score.

Original Citation

Alemayehu, M., Medhanyie, A. A., Reed, E., & Bezabih, A. M. (2020). Validation of family planning tool in the pastoralist community. Reproductive Health, 17(1), 123.

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