Perceived Control Over Family Planning

Perceived Control Over Family Planning is a 10-item measure of women's beliefs regarding their control over behavioral use of family planning (FP)methods. Considerations include cost, side effects and community/family opinions.


Geographies Tested: Ethiopia

Populations Included: Female

Age Range: Adolescents, Adults


1. Do you think there is a risk of discrimination by community members if they know that you are using family planning?
2. Do you think that possible oppositions from others could influence your decision to use family planning?
3. How possible discrimination could matter your practice to use family planning?
4. How possible side effect could matter to your use of family planning?
5. Do you believe that side effect is likely to happen for you following family planning use?
6. Do you believe that opposition from others is likely to happen consequently to family planning use?
7. How the disallowance of husbands in your community matter to you to use family planning?
8. Do you believe that the cost for family planning would worry you if you want to use it?
9. Do you think that the cost of family planning may be expensive if you decided to use it?
10. Do you think that husbands in your community disallow their wives to use family planning?

Response Options:
3-point Likert scale
Doesn't matterdisagree - 1
Highlyagree - 3

Scoring Procedures

Not Available

Original Citation

Alemayehu, M., Medhanyie, A. A., Reed, E., & Bezabih, A. M. (2020). Validation of family planning tool in the pastoralist community. Reproductive Health, 17(1), 123.

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