Male Dominance Scripts

Male Dominance Scripts is a 9-item measure of the endorsement of sexual standards that reflect normative views of men’s patriarchal role in relation to the control of women and beliefs regarding women’s need to follow strict rules of social and sexual comportment.


Geographies Tested: South Africa

Populations Included: Female, Male

Age Range: Adults


1. Men cannot live with just one girlfriend.
2. Only a bad girl shows that she likes sex a lot.
3. If a girl initiates sex it is because she has other boyfriends.
4. A woman who wants to have sex is failing to control herself.
5. Boys usually leave a girl if she falls pregnant.
6. It is important for a girl to prove her virginity by having sex with her boyfriend.
7. If a boy tells a girl today that he loves her, she doesn’t wait very long to tell him that she loves him too.
8. If a woman refuses sex she usually doesn’t mean it.
9. It’s a woman’s job to bring up condom use before sex.

Response Options:
A 4-point Likert scale
Strongly disagree - 1
Strongly agree - 4

Scoring Procedures

Not Available

Original Citation

Harrison, A., O'Sullivan, L. F., Hoffman, S., Dolezal, C., & Morrell, R. (2006). Gender role and relationship norms among young adults in South Africa: Measuring the context of masculinity and HIV risk. Journal of Urban Health, 83(4), 709-722.

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