Gender Competency for Family Planning Providers: Gender Sensitive Communication

Gender Competency for Family Planning Providers: Gender Sensitive Communication is a 13-item module of a larger framework. This module assesses a provider's ability to communicate with clients in a manner that recognizes unequal power structures and promotes equality for all clients.


Geographies Tested: Ghana,Uganda

Populations Included: Female, Male

Age Range: Adults


1. I show respect to all clients, no matter their age or gender, by maintaining eye contact and paying attention to what they are saying.
2. I adapt my counseling to support clients who may have less authority over decision making for family planning.
3. I adapt my counseling based on a client's level of literacy, which can be different for women, girls, and boys.
4. To adapt communication based on a client's gender, I often ask clients to repeat what I've told them.
5. I can explain the full range of contraceptive methods to men as effectively as I can to women.
6. Being aware of my own beliefs and values about gender and family planning keeps me from being biased in my counseling.
7. I am able to explain things differently based on the different needs and understanding of male and female clients.
8. I should not let me influence and status as a provider interfere with clients freely making their own decisions about family planning.
9. It is important that clients see me as an expert that can provide information, not an authority who should make the decision for them.
10. I use different counseling approaches so that the different needs of women, men, girls, and boys are met.
11. It is difficult to separate my own beliefs about how men and women should act from how I counsel clients about family planning.*
12. If an unmarried client wanted it, I would provide them with a family planning method.
13. If can effectively counsel both older and younger clients with different family planning desires.

Response Options:
Strongly agree - 4
Agree - 3
Disagree - 2
Strongly disagree - 1

*Items are reverse scored.

Scoring Procedures

The score of each individual item is added to create the total scale score. Score less than 41 are considered low gender competency. Scores 42-46 are medium competency and above 47 is high gender competency.

Original Citation

Andrinopoulos, K., McGuire, C., Namisango, E., Dako-Gyeke, P., Reisz, T., & Wisniewski, J. (2023). A provider self-assessment tool to measure gender competency for family planning services.

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