Future Expectations for Adolescents Scale (FESA)-Post-Conflict Uganda

The Future Expectations for Adolescents Scale (FESA)-Post-Conflict Uganda is a 19-item adaptation of the 22-item FESA validated among young people in rural Uganda after civil war. The scale is made of three sub-scales: family and children, work and education and general future optimism. The validation of the original measure can be found here.


Geographies Tested: Uganda

Populations Included: Female, Male

Age Range: Adolescents


Now, I will read some statements concerning your future to you. Please decide how true each statement is for you in your situation with 0 meaning “I do not believe this at all” and 4 meaning “I certainly believe this”.

Family and Children
1. My marriage will last forever
2. My children will live in a time of peace
3. I will provide my children with a safe place to live
4. I will have children
5. I will get married
6. I will dedicate time to spend with my family
7. My children will have a long life

Work and Education
8. I will find work I enjoy
9. I will achieve the level of education that I want
10. I will find stable work
11. My work will give me opportunities to feel proud of myself
12. I will find good work
13. I will be a leader in my community

General Future Optimism
14. I will acquire the things that I want
15. I will accomplish what I want to do with my life
16. I will have good health
17. I will feel satisfaction with myself
18. I will have a healthy diet
19. I will always have enough to eat and live on

Response Options:
5-point Likert scale
I do not believe this at all - 0
I certainly believe this - 4

Scoring Procedures

The sub-scale scores are summed to create a final score ranging from 0 to 76.

Original Citation

Saupe, L. B., Gossmann, K., Catani, C., & Neuner, F. (2019). Adolescent life perspectives after war: Evaluation and adaptation of the Future Expectation Scale in Uganda. Frontiers in Psychology, 10, 1527.

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