The Modified Learning in Digital Networks - ICT Literacy (LDN-ICT) Test

The Modified Learning in Digital Networks—ICT literacy (LDN-ICT) test is a 39-item measure that assesses students’ ability in handling digital information, to communicate and collaborate during problem solving.


Geographies Tested: Norway

Populations Included: Female, Male

Age Range: Adolescents


Consumer in Networks (CiN)
1. Provided correct code from notebook (d)
2. Practice, access the correct link (to webpage) (d)
3. Find correct information on the webpage (d)
4. Access correct link (d)
5. Find and evaluate information (d)
6. Provide correct information (d)
7. Access correct link, find information (d)
8. Access correct link (d)
9. Access correct link (d)
10. Access poem by following the link (d)
11. Access the YouTube video (d)
12. Ordering cards (p)
13. Access link to group-CoSketch (d)
14. Find and write name of a poem (d)
15. Paste link to a poem (d)

Producer in Networks(PiN)
16. Explain answer, reasoning (p)
17. Find and evaluate information (d)
18. Explore and select the line that best match the data (p)
19. What is the function of the sliders (p)
20. Make diagram-choose sections, change size & label (p)
21. Reasoning, why information isis not there (d)
22. Upload document (conversation) (d)
23. Reflection, evaluation (p)
24. Paste the poem text (d)
25. Create a mind map using specified tool (p)
26. Add labels to connect moods and meaning of poem (p)
27. Save & upload document (image-file, collaboration) (d)
28. Sort cads, supported by the poem or not (p)
29. Knows how to make audio file and explained (p)
30. Made and uploaded an audio file (d)

Social Capital(SCN)
31. Evaluation of team performance (d)
32. Team evaluation (d)
33. Upload document (chat file) (d)
34. Explained how collaboration changed understanding (d)

Intellectual Capital
35. Copy and paste communication (d)
36. Improvement or changed based on team responses (d)
37. Reasoningexplain why you changed your answer (d)
38. Ask question (d)
39. Ask question (d)

Response Options
Items with a “d” indicate that the item is dichotomous (e.g., scored with 1 or 0). The “p” indicates polytomous scoring.

Scoring Procedures

Not Applicable

Original Citation

Siddiq, F., Gochyyev, P., & Wilson, M. (2017). Learning in Digital Networks – ICT literacy: A novel assessment of students' 21st century skills. Computers & Education, 109, 11-37.

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