Intimate Partner Violence Attitude Scale (IPVAS)—Revised

Intimate Partner Violence Attitude Scale (IPVAS)—Revised is a 17-item measure of attitudes of college students towards intimate partner violence. This scale is based on the Intimate Partner Violence Attitude Scales (IPVAS) developed by Smith et al. (2005).


Geographies Tested: United States of America

Populations Included: Female, Male

Age Range:


1. As long as my partner doesn’t hurt me, “threats” are excused.
2. During a heated argument, it is okay for me to bring up something from my partner’s past to hurt him or her.
3. I think it helps our relationship for me to make my partner jealous.
4. I don’t mind my partner doing something just to make me jealous.
5. During a heated argument, it is okay for me to say something just to hurt my partner on purpose.
6. It is no big deal if my partner insults me in front of others.
7. It is okay for me to accept blame for my partner doing bad things.
8. It is okay for me to blame my partner when I do bad things.

9. It would never be appropriate to hit or try to hit one’s partner with an object.
10. It would not be appropriate to ever kick, bite, or hit a partner with one's fist.
11. Threatening a partner with a knife or gun is never appropriate.
12. I think it is wrong to ever damage anything that belongs to a partner.

13. I would never try to keep my partner from doing things with other people.
14. I would be flattered if my partner told me not to talk to someone of the other sex.
15. I would not stay with a partner who tried to keep me from doing things with other people.
16. It is okay for me to tell my partner not to talk to someone of the opposite sex.
17. I would not like for my partner to ask me what I did every minute of the day.

Response Options:
5-point Likert scale
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree

Scoring Procedures

Item scores are weighted and then summed to create the three subscale scores.

Original Citation

Fincham, F. D., Cui, M., Braithwaite, S., & Pasley, K. (2008). Attitudes toward intimate partner violence in dating relationships. Psychological Assessment, 20(3), 260-269.

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