The Inventory of Beliefs about Wife Beating: Wife Beating is Justified Subscale

The Wife Beating is Justified Subscale is a 12-item measure that is part of the Inventory of Beliefs about Wife Beating scale. The measure capture's respondents' belief that wife beating is justified in general.


Geographies Tested: United States of America

Populations Included: Female, Male

Age Range: Adults


1. A husband has no right to beat his wife even if she breaks agreements she has made with him.
2. Even when a wife's behavior challenges her husband's manhood, he's not justified in beating her.
3. A wife doesn't deserve a beating even if she keeps remind her husband of his weak points.
4. Even when women lie to their husbands they do not deserve to get a beating.
5. A sexually unfaithful wife deserves to be beaten.*
6. Sometimes it is OK for a man to beat his wife.*
7. It would do some wives some good to be beaten by their husbands.*
8. Occasional violence by a husband toward his wife can help maintain the marriage.*
9. There is no excuse for a man beating his wife.
10. A woman who constantly refuse to have sex with her husband is asking to be beaten.*
11. Episodes of a man beating his wife are the wife's fault.*
12. Wives could avoid being battered by their husbands if they knew when to stop talking.*

Response Options:
Strongly Agree - 1
Agree - 2
Slightly Agree - 3
Neither Agree nor Disagree - 4
Slightly Disagree - 5
Disagree - 6
Strongly Disagree - 7

* The values for these items were reversed before adding the scores from individual items to get the overall score.

Scoring Procedures

Values for individual items were added to get a summative score.

Original Citation

Saunders, D. G., Lynch, A. B., Grayson, M., & Linz, D. (1987). The inventory of beliefs about wife beating: The construction and initial validation of a measure of beliefs and attitudes. Violence and Victims, 2(1), 39-57.

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