The Inventory of Beliefs about Wife Beating: Help Should Be Given Subscale

The Help Should Be Given Subscale is a 5-item measure that is part of the Inventory of Beliefs about Wife Beating scale. The measure captures the desirability of bystanders to take immediate, personal actions when women are attacked.


Geographies Tested: United States of America

Populations Included: Female, Male

Age Range: Adults


1. If I heard a woman being attacked by her husband, it would be best that I do nothing.
2. If I heard a woman being attacked by her husband, I would call the police.*
3. Wife beating should be given a high priority as a social problem by government agencies.*
4. Social agencies should do more to help battered women.*
5. Women should be protected by law if their husbands beat them.*

Response Options:
Strongly Agree - 1
Agree - 2
Slightly Agree - 3
Neither Agree nor Disagree - 4
Slightly Disagree - 5
Disagree - 6
Strongly Disagree - 7

* The values for these items were reversed before adding the scores from individual items to get the overall score.

Scoring Procedures

Values for individual items were added to get a summative score.

Original Citation

Saunders, D. G., Lynch, A. B., Grayson, M., & Linz, D. (1987). The inventory of beliefs about wife beating: The construction and initial validation of a measure of beliefs and attitudes. Violence and Victims, 2(1), 39-57.

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