Short Self-Regulation Questionnaire (SSRQ)

The Short Self-Regulation Questionnaire (SSRQ) is a 31-item measure of the ability to regulate behavior in order to achieve desired future outcomes. This is the short form of the Self-Regulation Questionnaire (SRQ) developed by Brown et al. in 1999.


1. I usually keep track of my progress toward my goals.
2. I have trouble making up my mind about things.*
3. I get easily distracted from my plans.*
4. I don't notice the effects of my actions until it's too late.*
5. I'm able to accomplish goals I set for myself.
6. I put off making decisions.*
7. It's hard for me to notice when I've had enough (alcohol, food, sweets).*
8. If I wanted to change, I am confident that I could do it.
9. When it comes to deciding about a change, I feel overwhelmed by the choices.*
10. I have trouble following through with things once I've made up my mind to do something.*
11. I don't seem to learn from my mistakes.*
12. I can stick to a plan that is working well.
13. I usually only have to make a mistake one time in order to learn from it.
14. I have personal standards, and try to live up to them.
15. As soon as I see a problem or challenge, I start looking for possible solutions.
16. I have a hard time setting goals for myself.*
17. I have a lot of willpower.
18. When I'm trying to change something, I pay attention to how I'm doing.
19. I have trouble making plans to help me reach goals.*
20. I am able to resist temptation.
21. I set goals for myself and keep track of my progress.
22. Most of the time I don't pay attention to what I'm doing.*
23. I tend to keep doing the same thing, even when it doesn't work.*
24. I can usually find several different possibilities when I want to change something.
25. Once I have a goal, I can usually plan how to reach it.
26. If I make a resolution to change something, I pay a lot of attention to how I'm doing.
27. Often I don't notice what I'm doing until someone calls it to my attention.*
28. I usually think before I act.
29. I learn from my mistakes.
30. I know how I want to be.
31. Before making a decision, I consider what is likely to happen if I do one thing or another.

Response Options:
Strongly disagree - 1
Disagree - 2
Uncertain or unsure - 3
Agree - 4
Strongly agree - 5

*Items are reverse scored



United States of America




Scoring Procedures:

Not Available


Carey, K. B., Neal, D. J., & Collins, S. E. (2004). A psychometric analysis of the Self-Regulation Questionnaire. Addictive Behaviors, 29(2), 253-260.

Psychometric Score:


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Psychometric Scoring

Total Score: 5.00/9 Points (MEDIUM) 

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