Woman's Overall Self-Confidence

Woman’s Overall Self-Confidence includes 15 items which assess women’s overall self-confidence, optimism and beliefs about agency. This measure is adapted from the Sri Lanka Female Enterprise Survey, Questionnaire for Female Business Owners Not Previously Surveyed which can be viewed here, and the Kenya Female Enterprise Survey (2013), Baseline Questionnaire (version 10) which can be viewed here.


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Populations Included: Female

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Please indicate how much you agreedisagree with each statement below

1.I plan tasks carefully
2.I make up my mind quickly
3.In uncertain times I usually expect the best
4.I can think of many times when I persisted with work when others quit
5.I continue to work on hard projects even when others oppose me
6.I like to juggle several activities at the same time
*7.If something can go wrong for me, it will
*8.I never try anything that I am not sure of
9.I’m always optimistic about my future
10.A person can get rich by taking risks
11.It is important for me to do whatever I’m doing as well as I can even if it isn’t popular with people around me
12.When a group I belong to plans an activity, I would rather direct it myself than just help out and have someone else organize it
13.It is important to me to perform better than others on a task
*14.I rarely count on good things happening to me
15.Even when by businessfarm is doing well I keep my eyes open in case I find a way to improve it

Response Options:
Disagree strongly - 1
Disagree - 2
Neutral - 3
Agree - 4
Agree strongly - 5
Don't knowno opiniondoes not apply

*Items are reverse coded

Scoring Procedures

Item scores are summed to create the total score. Higher scores indicate a higher level of the respondent's self-confidence.

Original Citation

U. N. Foundation (2015). Women’s economic empowerment: A roadmap. Guidelines for monitoring and evaluating women’s economic empowerment programs. Appendix 1. Suggested questionnaire modules for measuring wee outcome indicators.

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