Woman's Willingness to Assert Herself

Woman’s Willingness to Assert Herself includes 6 items which assess women’s willingness to assert herself by asking how comfortable she is in speaking out in different kinds of situations. This measure is adapted from the Kenya Female Enterprise Survey (2013), Baseline Questionnaire (version 10) which can be viewed here. Navigational aspects (i.e. skip-out patterns and next question sequences) have not been included on this page but can be viewed on the original questionnaire located here.


Geographies Tested:

Populations Included: Female

Age Range:


Please indicate your level of comfort in speaking out in different kinds of situations.

  1. Speaking out at a meeting of other women to talk about some common issue?
  2. Speaking out at a meeting of men and women to talk about some common issue?
  3. Talking to people who work for you about a disagreement?
  4. Refusing someone who has asked to buy something for less than you feel is a fair price?
  5. Bargaining with a supplier to get a lower price on something?
  6. Do you feel comfortable speaking out about a household money issue with your spouse if you are not in agreement on what to do?

Response Options:
No, not at all comfortable - 1
Yes, but with a great deal of difficulty - 2
Yes, but with a little difficulty - 3
Yes, fairly comfortable - 4
Yes, very comfortable - 5
Don’t knownot applicable - 0

Scoring Procedures

Item response values are summed to calculate the total score.

Original Citation

U. N. Foundation (2015). Women’s economic empowerment: A roadmap. Guidelines for monitoring and evaluating women’s economic empowerment programs. Appendix 1. Suggested questionnaire modules for measuring wee outcome indicators.

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