Adolescent Menstrual Attitude Questionnaire (AMAQ)

The Adolescent Menstrual Attitude Questionnaire (AMAQ) is a 58-item measure of adolescent attitudes towards menstruation after the start of menarche. It measures attitudes across the following 5 dimensions - a negative response to menstruation, natural/accepting response to menstruation, excited response to menstruation, response to menstrual symptoms and managing menstruation.


Geographies Tested: Canada

Populations Included: Female

Age Range: Adolescents


1. When I am having my period, I am scared that the boys will find out.
2. It makes me feel very happy to know that I am menstruating.
3. I have not told anyone that my periods have started.
4. I was happy when I found out about menstruation.
5. I worry that one day I might not notice that I'm bleeding.
6. Most girls are bothered by buying pads or tampons at school or at a store.
7. Just the fact that I have my period makes me uncomfortable.
8. I was scared stiff when my first period started.
9. I often talk about periods with my friends.
10. I worry a lot about my periods starting unexpectedly.
11. Girls do not like to be seen putting pads in the garbage.
12. It is normal for girls to menstruate.
13. I do not feel any different than usual when I menstruate.
14. Girls who say they feel sick when they have their periods are just making excuses.
15. I feel okay when I get my period.
16. When I talk with my friends about periods I feel uncomfortable about it.
17. When girls have their period, they should be allowed to stay home.
18. Girls worry a lot that blood will leak through their clothes.
19. I quickly got used to having my periods.
20. Menstruating girls are grumpy and tense.
21. I look forward to getting my first period.
22. I like to talk about periods with my friends.
23. It's embarrassing to ask questions about periods.
24. When I have my period I feel good.
25. Girls with periods should avoid exercise.
26. I feel excited when I get my period.
27. I feel scared because I don't know what is happening when I have my period.
28. I feel very grown up when I have my period.
29. When girls have their periods they should not shampoo their hair.
30. Girls are often grouchy when they have their periods.
31. When I get my period I feel sick.
32. I feel pleased when I think of having a period.
33. I am terrified that people will find out when I have my period.
34. Girls feel moody when they get their period.
35. Girls who get cramps with their period should worry that something is wrong with them.
36. Coping with periods is easy.
37. Most girls understand what is happening to their body when they get a period.
38. Girls feel uncomfortable studying about menstruation at school.
39. I feel it's OK to discuss periods with boys.
40. Girls do not mind buying pads.
41. I feel people can tell when I have my period.
42. Every time someone mentions "period" I get nervous.
43. I am glad I have grown mature enough to menstruate.
44. Most girls find that getting a pad from a machine in a public washroom is very embarrassing.
45. I feel special when I have my period.
46. It is OK to swim when you have your period.
47. I feel proud when I have my period.
48. Cramps during my period are very painful.
49. When you have your period it is important to act cool, so no one will know.
50. Girls get severe backaches with their periods.
51. When girls get their periods they often feel like throwing up.
52. When I began having my period, I changed into a woman.
53. It's OK to miss school if you have cramps with your period.
54. I feel ugly and gross when I have my period.
55. When I am menstruating I feel the same.
56. Girls cry more easily when they have their period.
57. Girls dislike touching themselves to change their pads or tampons.
58. When girls get their periods they should be excused from gym.

Response Options:
Strongly disagree - 1
Disagree - 2
Not Sure - 3
Agree - 4
Strongly agree - 5

Scoring Procedures

Scores are summed, with the total possible score ranges from 58 to 290, with a high score indicative of a "positive" attitude and a low score a "negative" attitude.

Original Citation

Morse, J. M., Kieren, D., & Bottorff, J. (1993). The Adolescent Menstrual Attitude Questionnaire, Part I: Scale construction. Health Care for Women International, 14(1), 39-62.

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