Business-Related Decision Making Power

Business-Related Decision Making Power is a 7-item measure taken from the Impact Evaluation of WLSME Program questionnaire. In relation to different business-related activities, individuals are asked to indicate who normally makes such decisions and the extent they feel able to express their opinions on such matters. Business-related aspects addressed deal with products and operations.


Geographies Tested: Peru

Populations Included: Female

Age Range: Adults


For each type of activity, indicate who makes the decision normally? Also, to what extent you feel you can take your own point of view regarding these activities?

1. Invest in equipment
2. Location remodeling
3. Add new products
4. Loan applications
5. Branding
6. Picking providers
7. Personnel selection

Response Options:
One option is selected within a given category: me, my partner, other household members. The overarching category "me, my partner, other household members" relates to the first question (i.e., "...who makes the decisions normally?")

Me – Express my opinion
Me – Decide and act
Me – Makes no decision
My Partner – Expresses his opinion
My Partner – Decides and acts
My Partner – Makes no decision
Other Household Members – Express their opinion
Other Household Members – Decide and act
Other Household Members – Make no decision

Scoring Procedures

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Original Citation

Martínez-Restrepo, S., Ramos-Jaimes, L., Espino, A., Valdivia, M., & Cueva, J. Y. (2017). Measuring Women’s Economic Empowerment: Critical Lessons from South America. Libros Fedesarrollo. Retrieved July 9, 2020, from

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