Contraceptive Attitude Scale-Urdu

The Contraceptive Attitude Scale is a 30-item measure assessing overall ideas toward the use of contraception, rather than specific methods. This scale is an adapted version of the Contraceptive Attitude Scale located here, which has been translated into Urdu and adapted to the Pakistani context.


Geographies Tested: Pakistan

Populations Included: Female, Male

Age Range: Adults


  1. I believe that it is wrong to use contraceptives.
  2. Contraceptives reduce the sex drive.
  3. Using contraceptives is much more desirable than having an abortion.
  4. Males who use contraceptives seem less masculine than males who do not.
  5. I encourage my friends to use contraceptives.
  6. I would not become sexually involved with my spouse if heshe didn’t accept contraceptive responsibility.
  7. Contraceptives are not really necessary unless a couple has engaged in intercourse more than once.
  8. Contraceptives make sex seem less romantic.
  9. Females who use contraceptives are promiscuous.
  10. I would not have intercourse if no contraceptive method was available.
  11. I do not believe that contraceptives actually prevent pregnancy.
  12. Using contraceptives is a way of showing that you care about your partner.
  13. I do not talk about contraception with my friends.
  14. I would feel embarrassed discussing contraception with my friends.
  15. One should use contraceptives regardless of how long one is married.
  16. Contraceptives are difficult to obtain.
  17. Contraceptives can actually make intercourse seem more pleasurable.
  18. I feel more relaxed during intercourse if a contraceptive method is used.
  19. I prefer to use contraceptives during intercourse.
  20. In the future, I plan to use contraceptives anytime I have intercourse.
  21. I would practice contraception even if my partner did not want me to.
  22. It is no trouble to use contraceptives.
  23. Using contraceptives makes a relationship seem too permanent.
  24. Sex is not fun if a contraceptive is used.
  25. Contraceptives are worth using, even if the monetary cost is high.
  26. Contraceptives encourage promiscuity.
  27. Couples should talk about contraception before having intercourse.
  28. If I or my partner experienced negative side effects from a contraceptive method, we would use a different method.
  29. Contraceptives make intercourse seem too planned.
  30. I feel better about myself when I use contraceptives.

Response Options
5-point Likert scale
Strongly disagree - 1
Strongly agree - 5

Scoring Procedures

Item scores are summed to create a total score ranging between 30 and 150. Higher scores reflect more positive attitudes toward contraception.

Original Citation

Nosheen, I., & Jami, H. (2013). Translation, adaptation, and validation of Contraceptive Attitude Scale. Pakistan Journal of Psychological Research, 28(2), 335-359.

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