Sexual Experiences Questionnaire(SEQ)-Jordan

The Sexual Experiences Questionnaire (SEQ)-Jordan is a 22-item measure of sexual harassment victimization among college-going women in Jordan. The measure covers items related to gender harassment, sexual coercion, unwanted sexual attention, and physical-contact sexual harassment.


Geographies Tested: Jordan

Populations Included: Female

Age Range: Adolescents, Adults


Physical sexual harassment
1. Touched you on parts of your body when you didn't want it.
2. Bump into or touch you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable.
3. Grabbedpinched you in an unwanted way.

Unwanted sexual attention
4. Made gestures or used body language of an unwanted sexual nature.
5. Referred to you in an overly familiar way (e.g., as “my love” or “moon”).
6. Pursued, stalked, or tracked you.
7. Blocked your way or cornered you in an unwanted way.
8. Whistled, made remarks, or comments of an unwanted nature at you that made you uncomfortable.
9. Continued to ask to go out with you on dates even after you refused.
10. Looked at you in an uncomfortable way.

Sexual coercion
11. Made unwelcomed attempts to draw you into a discussion of sexual matters.
12. Displayed or distributed images or videos with inappropriate content.
13. Told you a joke or storyline with unwanted sexual content or tell it in your presence.
14. Said crude sexual things to you or in front of you.
15. Made you feel threatened with some sort of retaliation for not being sexually cooperative.
16. Made you feel like you were being offered a reward or better treatment to be sexually cooperative.
17. Threatened you with negative consequences if you didn’t cooperate sexually.
18. Offered you a reward or special treatment if you cooperated sexually.
19. Treated you badly for refusing to be sexually cooperative.

Gender harassment
20. Said things to insult your gendersex in general.
21. Put you down or was condescending to you because of your gendersex.
22. Treated you poorly because of your gendersex (e.g., gave you more difficult or less meaningful tasks or assignments).

Response Options:
More than once

Scoring Procedures

Response options can be collapses into never/ever if desired. Items are then summed to create the final total score.

Original Citation

Spencer, R. A., Yount, K. M., Essaid, A. A., Cheong, Y. F., Sajdi, J., Taleb, R. A., Bergenfeld, I., Batayeh, B., Sandhu, S., Robbin, Z., Zwooqar, A., & Clark, C. J. (2021). Adapting and validating the Sexual Experience Questionnaire to study sexual harassment among university women in Jordan. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 1-31.

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