Multidimensional Online Grooming Questionnaire (MOGQ)

The Multidimensional Online Grooming Questionnaire (MOCG) is a 20-item measure of the prevalence of specific strategies of online grooming (building a relationship of trust in order to obtain some type of sexual interaction) commonly used against minors. Items in this instrument cover 5 types of grooming: 1. Use of deception, 2. Gift giving, 3. Interest in the victim's environment, 4. Sexualization and 5. Aggression.


Geographies Tested: Spain

Populations Included: Female, Male, Other

Age Range: Adolescents


How often during the last 12 months did the following things happen to you through the Internet or mobile phone with a person who was 18 years or older:

Use of deception
1. Lied to make me believe that heshe was a person closer to my age [by appearance, language, etc.]
2. Told me that heshe was younger than heshe really was
3. Lied to make me believe that we had things in common or that we liked the same things
4. Pretended to be other people to convince me of things or scare me

Gift giving
5. Offered me free photo sessions
6. Offered me work because of my physical appearance (as a model, public relations, etc.)
7. Offered me money or other things in exchange for sex
8. Offered me money or other things in exchange for photos or videos of me

Interest in the victim's environment
9. Showed interest in my school hours, family, etc.
10. Asked me about family and friends
11. Was interested in my family problems
12. Was interested in how I feel, if I was happy

13. In the beginning, heshe didn't talk to me about sex, but then heshe did
14. Made sexual jokes or comments about me
15. Asked me about my sexual experiences
16. From the beginning, showed me hisher interest in sex

17. Sent me threatening or insulting messages
18. Threatened to spread or post intimate or sexual photos or videos of me on the Internet
19. Spread jokes, rumors, gossip, or comments that humiliated me
20. Made me look bad with my family, friends or people I know

Response Options:
Never - 0
Once or twice - 1
3–4 times - 2
5 or more times - 3

Scoring Procedures

Not Available

Original Citation

Gamez-Guadix, M., De Santisteban, P., Wachs, S., & Wright, M. (2021). Unraveling cyber sexual abuse of minors: Psychometrics properties of the Multidimensional Online Grooming Questionnaire and prevalence by sex and age. Child Abuse & Neglect, 120, 105250.

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