Self-Honor Scale

Self-Honor Scale is a 13-item measure of the self-reported agreement with the justification of the use of physical or verbal tactics to defend their own or others' honor.


Geographies Tested: Mexico

Populations Included: Female, Male

Age Range: Adults


Imagine that a person finds himselfherself in the following situations. Please tell us if this person:

1. A man punches a drunk who bumped into the man's wife on the street.
2. A woman shoots another person because that person had sexually assaulted the woman's sister.
3. A man seduces the daughter of another person because that person had seduced his 16 year-old daughter.
4. A woman stabs an adult male stranger who had previously beaten up her mother.
5. A man fights a friend when they are having an argument because his friend called him a liar and a coward to his face.
6. A woman insults another person because that person calls her a liar and a cheat.
7. A man fights an acquaintance for looking over the man's girlfriend and talking to her in a suggestive way, even if she was not offended by it.
8. A woman fights another woman who deeply insulted her in public.
9. A man hits a woman back for slapping him in the face when he gets fresh with her.
10. A woman reveals a female friend's secrets because that friend has offended her.
11. A man fights an acquaintance because that acquaintance looks over the man's girlfriend and starts talking to her in an offensive way.
12. A man punches an adult stranger who was in a protest march showing opposition to the man's views.
13. A woman hits a man who stole a statue of the Virgin Mary from her church.

Response Options:
Did much less than was justified
Did somewhat less than was justified
Did neither more nor less than was justified
Did somewhat more than was justified
Did much more than was justified

Scoring Procedures

Not Available

Original Citation

Figueredo, A. J., Corral-Verdugo, V., Frias-Armenta, M., Bachar, K. J., White, J., McNeill, P. L., Kirsner, B. R., & Castell-Ruiz, I. P. (2001). Blood, solidarity, status, and honor. The sexual balance of power and spousal abuse in Sonora, Mexico. Evolution and Human Behavior, 22, 295-328.

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