Short Hypermasculine Values Questionnaire (HVQ-S)

The Short Hypermasculine Values Questionnaire (HVQ-S) is a 16-item measure of stereotypically masculine values among men working in a variety of fields. This is a shortened version of the 26-item Hypermasculine Values Questionnaire.


Geographies Tested: United Kingdom

Populations Included: Male

Age Range: Adults


1. Wife-swapping is fine as long as both men agree. ​
2. Men who take part in yoga or ballet deserve to be ridiculed.
3. Real mean don't back away from barroom confrontations.
4. Women do not necessarily go for mach-looking males.*
5. It's a good thing for men to cry.*
6. Sex is essentially a passive activity for women.
7. There's no such thing as a good war.*
8. 'Nuke the bastards' is the only response sometimes.
9. Some of the 'initiation' ceremonies in all-male institutions such as the army are dangerous and should be stopped.*
10. Heavy drinking is a problem not a sign of masculinity.*
11. A lot of nonsense is talked about sexual technique, you're either adequate or you're not.
12. There are too many wimps and cowards around today.
13. Nursing is a perfectly acceptable occupation for a man.*
14. It is acceptable for a man to complain or even cry when he is in pain.*
15. Men should not regard women as sex objects.*
16. There's too much nonsense talked about so-called sexual harassment.

*Items are reverse scored

Response Options:
7-point Likert scale

Scoring Procedures

The mean of all item scores is calculated for the total measure score.

Original Citation

Archer, J. (2010). Derivation and assessment of a hypermasculine values questionnaire. British Journal of Social Psychology, 49(Pt 3), 525-551.

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