Sex Role Ideology Scale (SRI 30)

The Sex Role Ideology Scale (SRI 30) is a 30-item measure of beliefs and norms regarding sex roles. The scale was validated in Canada and several items were derived from the Kirkpatrick (1936) Attitudes towards Feminism scale.


Geographies Tested: Canada

Populations Included: Female, Male

Age Range:


1. The husband should be regarded as the legal representative of the family group in all matters of law.*
2. A wife's activities in the community should complement her husband's position.*
3. A woman should have exactly the same freedom of action as a man.
4. The best thing a mother can teach her daughter is what it means to be a girl.*
5. A married woman should feel free to have men as friends.
6. Woman's work and man's work should nor be fundamentally different in nature.
7. Swearing by a woman is no more objectionable than swearing by a man.
8. A woman is not truly fulfilled until she has been a mother.*
9. When a man and woman live together she should do the housework and he should do the heavier chores.*
10. A normal man should be wary of a woman who takes the initiative in courtship even though he may be very attracted to her.*
11. It is an outdated custom for a woman to take her husband's name when she marries.
12. Women should be paid a salary by the state for the work they perform as mothers and home-makers.
13. Women should be much less concerned about make-up, clothing and body care.
14. Every child should be taught from an early age to feel a special honour and respect for Motherhood.*
15. A woman should be appreciative of the glances and looks she receives as she walks down the street.*
16. It should be perfectly alright for a mature woman to get involved with a young man.
17. Marriage should not interfere with a woman's career any more than it does with a man's.
18. A man's main responsibility to his children is to provide them with the necessities of life and discipline.*
19. A woman should be careful how she looks, for it influences what people think of her husband.*
20. A woman who dislikes her children is abnormal.*
21. Homosexual relationships should be as socially accepted as heterosexual relationships.
22. More day care centres should be available to free mothers from the constant caring for their children.
23. Women should be allowed the same sexual freedom as men.
24. A man's job is too important for him to get bogged down with household chores.*
25. A woman should be no more concerned with her physical appearance on the job than a man.
26. Abortion should be permitted at the woman's request.
27. The first duty of a woman with young children is to home and family.*
28. For the good of the family, a wife should have sexual relations with her husband whether she wants to or not.*
29. A woman should be more concerned with helping-her husband's career than having a career herself.*
30. Women should not expect men to offer them seats in buses.

*Items are reverse scored

Response Options:
7-point Likert scale
Disagree - 0
Agree - 7

Scoring Procedures

The total score is calculated by summing item scores.

Original Citation

Kalin, R., & Tilby, P. J. (1978). Development and validation of a sex-role ideology scale. Psychological Reports, 42, 731-738.

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