Traditional Egalitarian Sex Role (TESR) Scale

The Traditional Egalitarian Sex Role (TESR) Scale is a 20-item scale measuring a participant's beliefs regarding traditional gender roles in the United States. Items include topics such as marriage, women in the workplace, and decision-making.


Geographies Tested: United States of America

Populations Included: Female, Male

Age Range: Adults


1. It is just as important to educate daughters as it is to educate sons.
*2. Women should be more concerned with clothing and appearance than men.
3. Women should have as much sexual freedom as men.
*4. The man should be responsible for the economic support of the family than the woman.
5. The belief that women cannot make as good supervisors or executives as men is a myth.
6. The words "obey" should be removed from wedding vows.
*7. Ultimately a woman should submit to her husband's decision.
*8. Some equality in marriage is good, but by and large the husband ought to have the main say-so in family matters.
9. Having a job is just as important for a wife as it is for her husband.
*10. In groups that have both male and female members, it is more appropriate that leadership positions be held by males.
*11. I would not allow my son to play with dolls.
12. Having a challenging job or career is as important as being a wife and mother.
*13. Men make better leaders.
*14. Almost any woman is better off in her home than in a job or profession.
*15. A woman's place is in the home.
*16. The role of teaching in the elementary schools belongs to women.
17. The changing of diapers is the responsibility of both parents.
*18. Men who cry have weak character.
19. A husband who has chosen to stay at home and be a house-husband is not less masculine.
*20. As head of the household, the father should have the final authority over the children.

*Items are reverse scored

Response Options:
Likert scale from 1-5

Scoring Procedures

Item scores are summed to create the total scale score.

Original Citation

Larsen, K. S., & Long, E. (1988). Attitudes toward sex-roles: Traditional or egalitarian? Sex Roles, 19(1/2).

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